Content Update 2.4.2 Patch Notes

lol new skills this league is dead should had waited for 2.5
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
Necromancers now have new visual effects for their curses

Time to roll a Necro then.

Edit: My bad, not the class, just the mob haha :D
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RIP flame dash :D
Fixed a bug where Daresso's voice acting didn't play when you defeated Barkhul.

Thank you!

Gubert wrote:
This seems like a freaking good update, tyvm for the effort GGG!!!! Some really good stuff in there

Can someone help me with steam launch? I can't see the 64 bit option launch when right clicking at my library

JeLLyIVIaN wrote:

Having trouble setting up the Dx11 launch trough Steam. Is it automated. do i have to change launch preferences?


That's because the update hasn't been deployed yet... these are just the patch notes.

Necromancers now have new visual effects for their curses

Time to roll a Necro then.

I'm pretty sure they mean the Necromancer monster type, not Ascendancy class.
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Can't wait to see how the 64 bit client works out. Convinced me to buy into an AoW supporter pack but kinda sad to see only 7 titles will display max :(
i <3 minesweeper
dont take away my agony :(
No nerf of anything? such a surprise. :-D
Didn't see the PathofExile_x64.exe file. Do I need to reinstall the game? I am using 64-bit Windows 7.

(Okay, I know that the update is not deployed yet...)
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Please give us a two week race!!! with the launch of new skills.
Fixed a bug where you could add Oba to your friends list in the Oba's Cursed Trove map.

I think this is my favorite bug.

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