Tomorrow (Friday, NZT) we're deploying Content Update 2.4.2. The following day (Saturday, NZT), we'll be announcing the full details of our December challenge league and 2.5.0 update. Alongside this reveal, we will launch two new supporter packs. In the meantime, we're holding a huge sale on over 30 microtransactions!

Content Update 2.4.2

Content Update 2.4.2 introduces three new skills, improvements to master missions, and the optional 64-bit DirectX 11 client! Thank you so much for your patience while we've worked on this patch. We apologise for the long wait, but we hope it will be well worth it! Finishing our new league has been keeping us busy and you'll hear all about it this weekend.

Huge Multi-Sale!

Some microtransactions aren't put on sale via daily deals very often. We receive frequent requests to discount these items, but we generally favour discounting the most popular headline microtransactions instead. To solve this, we decided to discount many of these microtransactions at the same time!

As of the time of this post we're running a huge sale on over 30 microtransactions with discounts ranging from 33% up to 66% off their store price! This is a great way to clear out any dusty points you might have left over in preparation for the new supporter packs we're launching this weekend! To check out the deals, just visit the Specials section of the store. This sale will end at Nov 18, 2016 4:00 PM (EST).

Upcoming Supporter Packs

This weekend we're launching two new supporter packs to celebrate the imminent 2.5.0 Content Update and Challenge Leagues. These packs will be available alongside the existing Atlas of Worlds supporter packs. The new packs will cost $30USD and $60USD and contain 250 points and 550 points respectively, as well as several exclusive microtransactions. The $60 pack will contain all the perks of the $30 pack and more!

Earlier this week we revealed that these packs will contain a new microtransaction type: Cloaks! If you'd like to see a teaser of the Cloak you can purchase as part of the larger supporter pack check out this video!

Upgrading Supporter Packs and Payment plans

Some of you may be in the position of wanting to participate in the current multi-sale but you're waiting for the new supporter packs to purchase any points. In this case, you might be interested in considering a supporter pack upgrade.

It's possible to upgrade any plain point packs that you've purchased since August 12th to the Atlas of Worlds Packs or the new supporter packs! This means if you purchase points today for the sale you can still use these as credit towards the new supporter packs.

You can only credit up to 80% of the value of the desired supporter pack towards an upgrade. This means, the maximum amount of points you could credit towards the $30/250 point pack would be 200 points. The maximum amount of points you could credit towards the $60USD/550 point pack would be 440 points. After you've hit the maximum threshold for points you would then need to pay the remaining cost of the pack in order to upgrade.

It's not possible to upgrade Atlas of Worlds Supporter Packs to the new supporter packs and vice versa. You can only upgrade points to a supporter pack, or you can upgrade lower tier supporter packs to higher tier supporter packs of the same type.

Payment plans are also possible if you're wanting a pack but not ready to pay the full amount. The payment amounts and times are very flexible, you just need to arrange the schedule with customer support in advance. The payment plans can reserve a pack for you for up to 6 months after the commencement of your plan. You won't receive the perks of the supporter pack until the payment plan is complete, so it may be preferable to simply purchase points and upgrade as you go to receive immediate benefits of these purchases.

You can also arrange a payment plan using your Steam Wallet. To arrange this, or for more information about supporter packs, upgrades and payment plans just contact us at and we'll be happy to help in any way that we can.

Carnage Mystery Boxes

The Carnage Mystery Boxes are only available for another two weeks! These will stop being available when the Content Update 2.5.0 goes live on December 2nd. If you're interested in trying your luck at pieces of the Carnage Armour Set and other awesome rewards for only 25 points it's best to get in quick!
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There goes all my money.

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Great, can't wait for improvements, hopefully the game doesn't crash as much anymore.
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