Huge Multi-Sale, Upcoming Supporter Packs and 2.4.2 Deployment

New hideout decoration: walls?
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.
Please GGG, consider adding Fiery Visage to that lineup, it hasn't been on sale for 3 years now.
YES. I've been waiting for some of these to go on sale, and YES THAT INCLUDES THE DANCES.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what these two new supporter packs look like, in large part because I was woefully disappointed by the Atlas supporter packs.
Do sales on amazon happen anymore?
Never fail to impress me GGG :D
Next week will the current support packages still be available?
"Sorry for my bad English"
Woot, more supporter packs :D
Free Master Crafting Service (Breach): thread/1797112
Free Master Crafting Service (Essence): thread/1744527
Free Master Crafting Service (Legacy): thread/1857272
Free Master Crafting Service (Harbinger): thread/1952418
Ordack wrote:
Next week will the current support packages still be available?

Similar to the Prophecy supporter packs, they'll run alongside the current ones.
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GGG please release December 2nd, not December 9th!!!!!!!
Bought a new gamer keyboard,mouse in preparation for the expansion!
Looking forward to the supporter-pack cloaks!

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