Content Update 2.4.2 Deployed

For those wondering about the nature of the problem, it was due to some code that was set up to only run on our "production" configuration of the game. This code had a bug that caused the action simulation to not run, resulting in all players being stuck in the bind pose. To solve this in the future, we will eliminate the few pieces of code that are specific to just the production realm, so that they can be tested. We are very sorry about the inconvenience caused by this mistake.
Last bumped on Nov 21, 2016, 8:35:50 AM
WholeHolyHole wrote:
anyone know how big the patch is? i'm at 1.35GB / 260MB currently...

Roughly 1.9-2GB. Size may differ if you've missed patches in the past, or are updating an older version of the client.

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