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Yeah i run DX11 and the 64 bit client crashes as soon as it starts. Its also in windowed mode by default for whatever reason.
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The former is Wisdom, the latter is Fear.
Mapping nonstop, and I can't stop hahah.

From Channel, to Peninsula, it all looks AMAZING. Blackhole Vortex also looks uhmerzing as well.

I feel like I'm playing Path of Exile 2. Haven't frozen at all.

64x on Steam client. (Right clicked the game in steam client, then ran in 64x).

Game is performing amazingly, and looks insanely awesome.

Only glitch was when I killed a pack they just stood up (dead) in place frozen. Common-ish bug, but figured I'd put it here.
Beaviz wrote:
I get exactly the same thing. :(

Ashwin wrote:
I get this when trying to run the 64 bit client..

For all the people that have crashes with the 64 bit client, this worked for me:
x64 client is trying to allocate space on my main HD, but i it is full, is there a way I can make it use another disc?
not only that it crashes when I want to play in fullscreen, my gpu isn´t recognized and when I want to play with 64bit anyway, my graphic card starts to make noise like an airplane and seems to overheat a little bit. I´m used to play with a frame limiter like RivaTuner for several reasons, but without a proper recognition of my gpu the frame limiter doesn´t seem to work.
It could be a great improvement for lower PCs, but not if we can only choose between high and low shadows like we have to do now. I have to stuck with the old 32bit-client, play without shadows and have a much better performance than with the new 64bit one. I have expected a little more stable fps, but being forced to play with shadows makes all little improvements worse than before. Maybe I have expected to much :/
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No crash yet, but just started it. It looks beautiful! Like new card.
So seems like steam client is working but the standalone is not. After trying the DX11 client i can now
not use the DX9 it loads then once at login it freezes? I am guessing something is still wrong for the stand alone if steam is running smoothly?
After fixing the 64bit issue i can say the game runs LIKA A DREAM!!
anyone know how big the patch is? i'm at 1.35GB / 260MB currently...
WholeHolyHole wrote:
anyone know how big the patch is? i'm at 1.35GB / 260MB currently...

Roughly 1.9-2GB. Size may differ if you've missed patches in the past, or are updating an older version of the client.

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