Content Update 2.4.2 Deployed

I've just had a crash to desktop twice in the same spot. Is there a way or place to post this? Everything was smooth before the patch.
uhh ya...blight is trash blade fury is OP as all hell...need to be redone... and u cant disable shadows on 64bit wow a 4year wait for nothing
PLZ need help me client crashed all times and imposible payed the geme help pmz THX
After patching the game the launcher immediately opens the application to the login screen in the game and automatically crashes. GG 1.9GB for a crash simulator.

Edit: Ran it as Admin and it froze for a bit then started working. Not sure why i have to run it as admin but ok. Not sure why it freezes up like that either but ok. I can live with it if i can play :d
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Best patch ever for me.
I'm using an AMD phenom ii x2 560 BE with unlocked cores (x4 b60) paired with a R9 280.
My game is super smooth now with no random stutters, can finally use shadows and AA.

Thanks for the DX11 client <3
Ashwin wrote:

For all the people that have crashes with the 64 bit client, this worked for me:

Worked for me, but I can´t play in fullscreen mode, the game crashes when I activate it.

EDIT: Windowed fullscreen works, but I hope this will be patched soon, so I can play again in fullscreen mode.

After a little bit ingame testing some first feedback:

- No crashes until now
- Lighting and shadows look better than before
- Textures seem to be a little bit more high-res?
- The new fog looks cool :-)
- Performance is good, had no FPS drops

So when the fullscreen "bug" is fixed, this is overall a great patch and improvement. :-)

Keep it up and thanks!
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I have Direct X 11, running Windows 8.1, with the 64 bit Launcher just fine. I'm running a Dell Inspirion 15 3000 series with AMD Athlon A6. My game is running just fine and smoothly. Edit: Felt important to note in case some people are not familiar with computers by their names, my PC is a Laptop.
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Love you guys.
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Just wanna say that the 64 bit version works incredibly well for me. I get stable 60 fps in many areas where the game would be choppy. Most notably, the lab fire areas that where the ground tursn on/off and deals fire damage over time when on. Previously, those areas would absolutely DESTROY my fps. But, now I get stable 60 fps in these areas no problem.

Nice update.
OMG I cant believe it....
I can play this game with no stutter! After 1000 years of waiting, thanks you really.
Most best improvement ever!
Thanks for the DX11 client.
Welcome shadows!
This is massive! REALLY!!!
GGG rules again after years of waiting...finally!!!!

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