Content Update 2.4.2 Deployed

Support packs are where now? Lol
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Wow, the performance is real. First time playing high settings with shadows on gtx 970 and no lag or stuttering. My first run at dx11 had crash but ran it as admin and then no crash afterwards. But the adapter does not display my graphics card? visual bug? thanks GGG. now please release that supporter packs :)
Hello GGG, hope you read this. I tested the "improved" Dx9 client and didn't notice much of an improvement. But as you will see, that's okay, I can play the game fine with 80fps or so in most situations.

However I then tried out the Dx11 client... Unlike others it loaded without crashing. Noticed surprisingly faster loading times, great. However just before selecting a character I took a look at the options and noticed shadows was now set to "Low"... Oh Uh! I play on the regular client with them "Off". As expected once I got in, performance was abysmal... Barely 30 fps, with heavy combat dropping me to 10. Why did you force shadows on us? Is it technically difficult to disable their implementation under the Dx11 client?

What's worse is the talk that this client will become the default for those whose systems support it next month... Yes I have 8 Gb of Ram, on a 64 bit Win 7, with a crappy AMD integrated DX11 video card and an 850 Pro SSD. I know I need to upgrade bla bla, but won't happen anytime soon. Will you consider the ability to turn off shadows in Dx11, and further optimize the client? As I mentioned loading times improved, but fps dropped.

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I hope in the future the ability to turn off shadows in the DX11 client will be implemented. :(
Not working :(
As someone who was steadily complaining about the problems at league start I appreciate your effort of getting the major updates out before the new league start. Now there were unexpected problems and I stayed awake an extra additional hour to try the new skills and dx11 but I wasn't even mad because you guys made the best decision with getting this out early so if anything fails it doesn't affect the league start.

Thanks for continuously improving :)

Looking forward to try the new client tonight.

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Shitting out lightning with Mjolner and still sitting at 60FPS. A+ patch.
Where our "See you next time... next time... next time"?)
Not a native speaker, so...
x64 just crashes all the time so.. can't even run it. Windows 10/x64 with 8GB or Ram.

The DX11 version and the DX9 version are both throttling my processor, still.

The game is playable, but FPS drops are common and load times are not what they should be on an SSD.

My CPU normally runs at 3.2GHz, but PoE forces it to run at 798MHz. It is not overheating.

Something is seriously fucked up here.

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