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64 bit version does not run in my intel i7 with 32RAM installed. ussing Win 10... Do you guys know whats going on?
Can't run game at all. Black screen shows on startup. Only meny has shown. Can log in but, only meny ,inventory works( 2D). Worked fine until new patch.
Any solutions?
Somehow this patch made PoE run worse on my machine. 32 bit heats it up faster and I get more regular stutter than previously (although abyssal cry's group explosions have less screen freeze time), while the 64 bit spikes the Frame time from 20 to 45 and kills my fps to 20 - 25 (this is definitely caused by the forced shadows). Will check more thoroughly later.

Intel I7-2670QM 2.20 GHz, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 525M

EDIT: Tested a bit further. Continuous stutter on the 32 bit version seems to have been caused by Frankfurt, switched to Amsterdam and it was mostly gone. Moreover, the patch somehow disabled the ping values on the server list, so I have no idea of any server's latency. Having said that, performance seems somewhat improved overall.
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x64 is somewhat better but when i alt-tab for poe.trade all graphic settings become messed up.
Tried running the dx11 one but got 1/0fps at lab boss and 2 dc's within 30minutes :')

guess i will try the normal version now and see how that goes probally just as fucked up ahwell yaay optimalisation patches :S
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
good work only in "windowed fullscreen" mode.
Instant crash x64 Version.

Win10 x64
GTX 1060-6GB
installed on SSD
8GB Ram
Game is fucked atm,dx11 not work for 60% of user,[Removed by Support] why not test pack before launch and this u do all time at every pach.DC+lagg all time ,3Month new bullshit pach full of bug need million pachfix,
nefert make unbalance between build,fucked many build like mjol-disc(1 hour fight at bosslol),incinerate nef very bad now new skill almost the same why ??? not fix first one not need 2 almost the same,voltaxic no legancy(why they made it first time?, Mine+BF(pl cant enter in arena BF atack point not enemy,consumming dark 2 time nefert really incredible,boss so insane only 2-3% of player ca survive ther and GGG say every nefert is really necesary.My friend list empty every day ,they go permanent offline ,migrate to other game for sure,
Melee skill is shity atm not many play with , I NOT BUY AGAIN FROM YOU N O T H I N G till u really fix this game not like this.
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since it's like 1AM in NZ, i don't think that anyone will update the news post that the instant crash is most likely caused by the fact that you have standard full screen display mode which is either bugged or not yet supported fully.

So you can change the settings through normal client to Windowed borderless fullscreen and then use new client.

For those who are not having this problem, i don't think the discussion under news post is the right place to complain or to get help from technical support.
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The 64bit crashed imediately for me at first as well. I followed the advice in another thread to delete C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile\production_config.ini and run the 64bit client in admin mode and all is good now.

The client runs great.

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