Blade Flurry

AdFinitum wrote:
I can't judge if it is overtuned ....

Tested it with various Builds and Gear from Bino up to Loath Bane / Ele- Foil.

The Fact that you can hit almost the edge of the Screen with inc. aoe only is too much!

The Skill itself is mechanically very strong, you don't have to build up stacks like Reave to clear half/ or up to the edge of the Screen.

Even with affordable Gear like a Bino you can kill Packs with the 1st Stage of Blade Flurry.

You just attack and everything in that direction is gone.

Just slap Blade Flurry on your Reave char and you have a way better Clearing.
As a Reaver you most likely have at least one Aoe Cluster with that and things like Carcass Jack / Dying Sun you start to Offscreen Mobs and that with a MELEE skill.

Reave/ Vaal Reave has a really short uptime of it's stack's, which makes Looting impossible.
So that's an acceptable payoff for clearing the whole screen.

Also don't let yourself get fooled by the tooltip.

Not 100% sure but since the tooltip won't change after reaching higher stages you would have to multiply it by 20% x 6 stages and then multiply it with attackes per second.

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I noticed that with this skill, when dual wielding it seems you can run offhand mace and do damage with it, can someone from ggg please confirm or deny?

The two weapons I used when I noticed this

i like how the effect looks, but i wish the "projectiles" moved a little slower. i also wish they were aimed instead of auto-aimed.
First to note i like this skill.

The range is good as it is just because of the possibility to kill yourself to reflect offscreen it should be kept.

Its pretty cool that underused gems like LoH will get used again more frequently.

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I'm disapointed by Blade Flurry :(.
It does nothing Laccerat can't do better.

Most noteble is Multistrike support gem. But Laccerate wins in AoE damage and singel target damage easily too. Plus I don't need to build stacks to get the full potential. And you can use Laccerate with 2h Axe/Swords.

So the only advantage I see for Blade Flurry is a Dagger or Claw build.
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An excellent skill, has high damage, good range and AOE, interesting mechanics, and good flexibility.
Currently running it on a more tank focused Berserker.

Currently 47, ran BF as soon as I was able.
Have a total of 271% increased damage from passives, ascendancy and equipment. And +53% attack speed, with +110% accuracy. (90% chance to hit)
With BF (lvl 8) + Faster Attacks (lvl9:33%) + Melee Phys Damage (lvl9: 38% more) + Fortify (lvl8:32% increased).
Weapon is the Innsbury Edge Elder Sword, 69-129 damage, 1.59 attack speed.

While I do have a fair bit of damage despite primary being a tank, this skill sherds enemies and bosses like there is no tomorrow. I think it's clearly OP, as before swapping to my current weapon I was using the lvl 28 Lakishu's Blade Elegant Sword (47-75, 1.65 atk speed) and had little difficulty murderizing everything even thou it was over 10 levels out of date.
Now with my new weapon it's just kind of silly.

Finding even with minimal effort that I trivialize content. I don't think I've ever killed Izaro so effortlessly before, even when I've been way over leveled.
I think it's fair to say this skill could use a bit of a damage nerf. Everything else about the skill feels great.

Probably my favorite melee skill to date.
Something i don't understand in the mechanics.
When you release the channeling it has additional attack right? like a stream of hits
i can't understand if this skill supposed to reach the 6th stage and than be released? or just keep channeling. Can't make up my mind
Well i just slaped the skill in an Scion lvl85 pure elemental dmg crit using average ele foil and its was just completly insane, i was actually using this build for lacerate, the plan was ele foil on 1 hand and Doryanis Catalist on another,and abyssus, worked really great, about 100k tooltip dmg with only 5L. Then Blade furry came out, exact same gear i just swith laverate for lvl11 bladefurry and guess what tooltip dmg 13k with full charges, Shit right?. NOPE. The skill was just insane. When i before felt already powerfull with about 100k lacerate, theis 13k Blade furry felt like 1 milion. Especially against bosses, i mean the dmg for exampleon a merc voll , full party you kill him in like 2 sec max. For example i cant even use abyssus with blade furry because i INSTA kill my self on the first attack on a single ele reflet monster even on a 5k hp full res, while with the exact same build with lacerate that wasnt even an issue. I dont remember this hapening to me ever since the whole reflet rare mobs was rework.
Conclusion is that Blade Furry is just to powerfull.
I hope it doesn't get nerfed :( Blight was a big disappointment so I think I'll be running a Blade flurry shaodw. Be nice to have a Melee attack that deals good damage for once. Tried it out with some shit gear but went to a lower level area to compensate. Was fun.
I like this skill but I don't like to refer to it as "melee" since you can reach the edge of the screen just like with spectral throw. :)

This skill has "built-in" multistrike just a bit worse (the Multistrike gives 75-94% more attack speed and 30% less damage ~70% base damage). However the big point is that you can use another gem instead of the multistrike making a 6L actually a 7L. The 20% more dmg stacking is also really nice.

The playstyle is similar to a ST character: throw out some attack and whirl away/sideways. For boss fights, it seems that releasing the button at every 6 stages (aka. exploding the stacks) gives more overall DPS than holding it down, but I'm not sure yet.

Also, I really like the graphics, the dashing shadows are so cool. :)

This skill rocks: Currently lvl64 Champion, using a lvl52 Foil and Piety was a joke with self-found gear and a 4L (BF-MeleePhys-FA-Fortify). Every 5-10 or so levels I try other skills like Lacerate (since I'm currently using a sword), Reave, Lightning strike and Frost blades with replacing the Fortify gem with Multistrike and every time the BF setup wins.

If you gonna nerf it, please don't be too hard! :D

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