Blade Flurry

If you have proof of it killing the Guardians link us the videos please.

Here you are.
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And you linked Mathil. I mean one not done by the Head Streamers. By now Mathil also has some GG Rolled Equipment and Flasks to help him finish off the Boss. If it was done by a mostly Self-Found Set of Equipment it could be considered OP but you posted a Video done already this late and nearing the end of the League its practically bragging a player with Legacy Equipment can finish endgame bosses in under 5 minutes.
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Sydin117 wrote:
I won't spend as much time on this skill as I did critiquing scorching ray but I'll say this; this is the way melee was meant to be.

Sure, if your idea of melee is one shotting the entire screen longer range than a bow
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I played a blade flurry build for the last two days and made it to lvl 64 before dying in HC at the and of merci act 2.

I liked the skill a LOT. I can say that playing Blade Flurry in a group and farming dried lake ----the skill pales in comparison to the crazy CoC skills and spells still out there. I had to run to catch up to some of the faster casters and summoners and hardly had time to stand still and channel the skill.

I played marauder and was going berserker for the leech aspects before I died. The league was just about dead, it was like playing self found. My resist in merci sucked, and I eventually died to low lightning resist against the act 2 boss.

I would definitely try this skill in the new league as long as it does not get changed to much and made inferior. I hear that there are some issues with it and brightbeak or some offhand glitch, I say just fix this and lower the stack count to four instead of six and its good!
The skill is very fun to use, and simply useful for your everyday map clear.
It is interesting as melee ranged skill with aoe potencial. Since many maps call for that, also it is safer, and we kill more mobs at once, better for archers and stuff.

There is issue with uninteresting animation (lack of it) so it does not look as attack or flurry, more like "watch my sword, it is awesome". But the black dudes are cool.

There is a problem how fast this attack is (or how high base damage is). Not sure if it was designed as hard hitter or fast hitter, but somehow it is both. Which drives this attack above all others. It also makes channel part less of niusance since we load up to 6 so fast. I dont feel like i need to plan for fast charge up it just is there.

There is general problem how good aoe+ranged spells are in comparison to single target close range.

Conclusion: Good design as how it works but values are high. Attack speed should be reduced. Maybe there should be a bonus speed only if you are dual wield, it is hard to flurry with big shield.
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I myself enjoy the skill !

I've spent the days since the release Building a dual wielding Gladiator using The bleed and poison to help scale the damage of course with a self found start I used Dual Strike Melee splash to level up to the point were I can get the skill .

And what I have learned about the skill in my testing is that it has its up's and downs based on the setup in the links and gear ,and also obviously your class you choose to use the skill with will scale the damage output significantly.

Hoping When 3.0 hits you guys can change all the People complaining about everything in Poe in general .
And here hopes to a Great Re balance of the game and Bringing Poe Back to a State of unity !

Really Believe 3.0 is your chance to Show everyone That there is Life left in PoE
My surprised face to see BF got nerfed.

Still playing it though.
Attack speed seems not to work anymore with BF, seems that it becomes a channeling skills, than is there a possibility to boost the attack speed ?

Can you please explain what's the behaviour of attack speed on this skill ? It has become a channeled skill, wasn't mentioned before i guess
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Attack Speed works just fine. It decreases the amount of time between each 'swing', same as any other attack.

Grab Blade Flurry, link Faster Attacks. Hold the button and watch the counter on the status monitor. Then, unlink FA and have another look. The difference is not exactly hard to tell.

Blade Flurry has always been a Channeled Attack, btw.
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May have already been pointed out somewhere, but Blade Flurry's tooltip is calculated using both weapons when dual wielding, even if one of the weapons is not a valid weapon type. Makes it tricky to gauge DPS changes.

Edit: Actually, the "damage per use" result doesn't seem to be accurate even when just wielding one weapon -- that or I'm misunderstanding how it's supposed to be calculated.
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