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Announcing the Breach Challenge League and Path of Exile 2.5.0

wow nice!
Seems like a cool league :)
Dat Voll's Vision tho
Best league yet imo
So Chris Wilson said that there is an inherent problem that exists in every ARPG and he found a solution to that problem and that it would be released with this season. I have been anticipating some sort of awesome announcement with this league, you guys have been hinting at "secrets" that would be announced with it. I see nothing that points to any of these things. Any ETA on any of these things or are they getting pushed back? Don't really see a point in playing this league without them, especially since its being released right before finals week...
More purpleness
𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣𓆣 SCARABS!
You know what would make me more hype? ESSENCE BEING ROLLED INTO CORE GAME! Don't think I can go back to playing POE without the awesome new crafting essence league brought us.
Great !!

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