Announcing the Breach Challenge League and Path of Exile 2.5.0

Cool, yeah!!

(\ /)
( . .)♥
hope you guys fix the black screen bug from 2.4.2 before 2.5.0
I just have one question, will this be prophecy or perandus type of extra loot?
Vote +1 to change Path of Exile to Path of Nerfs.
We hate to say, but ProjectPT was right.
So cool GGG
IGN RighteousRom LvL-100 Juggernaut
Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
what about nerfing bv?
dam son

Are the Breach fellers related to the Beyond fellers at all or are they from different places
Looking so good! I'll probably just stick to standard this time round, but it looks awesome!
This is be one two or three month league?
GGG must have been watching Pacific Rim :P. Shit looks lit though.

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