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Any chance of doing a lab/trials related community question and answer feature sometime?
well, looks like righteous fire is getting a buff.
We don't have any major changes planned for the passive tree in 2.5.0, but it's very likely that we will for the 3.0.0 expansion that comes after it.

So either they will be making changes to the tree just to encourage growth in the meta (which is good) or some of the new 3.0 content is directly related to the passive tree somehow. Either way, should be good.
Thanks for the answers.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Any chance you could talk about why shadows cannot be turned off on the x64 client? Is it a design choice or limitation?
sSasori wrote:
Will Breaches open when you click on them or when you run near them?
When you run close enough to them, they'll begin to open. "

that doesn't even answer the question.... but i would assume you have to click anyways. would
make no sense if you just ran into it

It does answer the question, they just worded it differently. "When you run close enough to them, they'll begin to open." = "...or when you run near them?"

I'm confused as to why you think this is not an answer? it doesn't say "run near and click and begins to open" it says "run near" only. pretty clear to me.

When will you decide purple isn't a universally liked color?
Purple is love
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I just want to know if Blight will be looked at alot sooner then later.
I really like it thematically, but in use its completely awful.
Its AOE is way too low, and scaling it with cast speed hurts it drastically, because chaose/essence drain builds dont typically scale cast speed, since ED isnt a skill you spam, but use as a 1/2 punch, so theres no way to really fit it into a ED build at the moment.
Its the skill I was looking forward to them most, and it was a massive let down.
How will the new weapon range system interact with cyclone's area of effect?

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