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You didn't adress one of the most important questions:


A lot of players don't use dx11 client just for this reason, shadows, like myself. It is sad to see that good stuff can't be used because it has a drawback which is very weird and can't be turned off. There were many posts on this subject in both bug reports and feedback and suggestions sections but the question still wasn't answered. What do you plan to do regarding this subject GGG. Some info pretty please? Thanks.
Memory usage seems to FINALLY be OK.

Hopefully, this mess doesn't happen again.

Say HI to useless forced Bloom though:D.
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Rory says it in podcast, they are going to leave an opportunity to get essences in post-league. Apparently a rare encounter, but essence are going to be of an appropriate level.
Its not entirely decided in details yet.
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" I'm sorry I missed that , what was the actual question there sorry ? "

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Glad to read that they work in trading. ;)
At least there will be more AOE for melee so everything is a ranged AOE attack after all.
buff other melee skills or else PathOfBladeFlurry incoming lolz
ES vs Life logic at GGG.

If you have 6K life and get hit for 4k, you can pot it up and survive
If you have 6K ES and get hit for 4K, you cannot pot it up and you might die with the second hit

If you have 6K life and get hit for 6K, you will die
If you have 6K es and get hit for 6K, you will die

life is same or better than ES

but counting investment into gear.

If you have 6k life, you have like 180% life on your tree and have life on every piece of gear.
If you have 6K ES, you have like 180% ES on your tree and do not have ES on every piece of gear.

if you have "average" ES build with 180% ES on your tree, and decent gear with ES on every piece, you have 12K es in total, so the original argument changes

If you have 6K life and get hit for 6K, you will die
If you have 12K es and get hit for 6K, you will not die

But general the problem does no lie in total pool, but in mechanics that were added later
Blade Vortex + charge generation
Vinktar + Vaal Pact
Ocultist Ascendancy

I am afraid that GiGiGi will make changes in ES pool size and not address the Op Op mechanics around it, making it less affordable, but still completely out of balance.

And this question is not answered in the original thread.
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Ty for scam <3
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sSasori wrote:
Will Breaches open when you click on them or when you run near them?
When you run close enough to them, they'll begin to open. "

that doesnt even answer the question.... but i would assume you have to click anyways. would
make no sense if you just ran into it

what? it perfectly answers the question: the breaches will open automatically once you go near them, no need to click them.
some forum love, nice!
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Bex_GGG wrote:
With the new chat UI, server messages are sticking around too long. What is the plan?
There are some chat UI improvements in tomorrow's 2.4.3b patch. We're not intending for server messages to remain visible for more than five minutes unless they're very important server announcements.

I hope that's a typo for 5 seconds, not minutes? Or is this some sick joke that we'll be stuck seeing MTX sale announcements for 5 minutes on the screen? lol
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gloat wrote:
I'd say the importance of players being able to wear the new cloaks and wings at the same time outweighs the additional development time it would take to make happen, especially in the future when more of these models are added.

Wings with cloaks would not work well without a lot of work.

The simple way would either have the wings fastened onto the cloak or have them clipping through it, which would look stupid.

The sensible way is to have the cloak bunch up between the wings then you have to sort out the physics of the interactions between the moving cloak and moving wings. A hell of a lot of work to make it convincing.

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