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Development Manifesto: Essence League

Wtf essence in core game, YOU GOTTA STOP PUTTING CRAP INTO THE FUCKIN GAME OMFG. prophecy = big fail

and now essence´s too. STOP IT!!

you do realize you can just never click on them right? no... you didn't? You can also never talk to Navali or pick up silver... Mind blown? is this really this hard for you?

I mean let be real here, I doubt your objection is anything less than just hating on something because you're an arbitrary person who dislikes things arbitrarily.

Essence allow things that can't be done any other way, they also massively improve gearing while leveling. I started a standard character in prep for not doing breach league (nothing much in it I'm interested in, not going to bother) and boy do I miss essences at level 38 and 44 and mid 50's I'm buying junk to fill holes and looking wistfully at nice white 4l bases I could have put an essence on. Those low level essences are just begging to be used on gear because lets face it you ain't getting much out of them if you crunch them into higher tier essences you need a f*** ton of them to end up with a deafening or two... might as well just use them.

count me as being for a game that is rich and dense with things to do... this game is literally aggregating into the most rich and satisfying ARPG in the genre's history and most of that is the simple fact that league gimicks end up sticking around as occasional variety or map mods making the game feel organic instead of binary.
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
I think that's great news! Anyone who has played the game for any time realizes that the genius of this game is the flexibility in character design/equipment. Anything that increases the ability to custom craft rares to suit your characters and preferred play-style is a big improvement. This will be a great help to new players, and existing players putting characters in new leagues . . with an empty Inventory. -- THANKS!
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i really thought i get more challenges done. quite sad.
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Love when a league mechanic is incorporated to the core game!!

It's a chance to every new player to "experience that league" and for the other players keep farming to craft some more cool items :)
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Oh damn! ._.
Great news! :) Hopefully someday you'll rethink your decision and more fully incorporate Talisman, Warbands and Tempest into the core game as well (Perandus added nothing new other than cheap items and so that one can be left out). Darkshrines ought to be added into the non-lab areas too as long as none of that leagues item upgrades come in - just the area/monster change effects. I don't agree with your reasoning that you need to hold down on the number of things to do in the game - as long as they're not mandatory, the more the better, I say. It enriches the whole play experience. If the Breach league turns out to be balanced enough, then I'd ask for it to be added as well. Having a zone with maybe five different mechanics in it (say, a Stone Circle, a strongbox, a darkshrine, a Tempest and a Rogue exile) is a good thing, not bad.
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Nice to read that, I like it to craft items intead of buying them, so this is really cool!
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I personally like where there is a few days between leagues, gives me time to sell league crap in standard and test a build or two.

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