Thanksgiving Week Sale - 50% off Selected Microtransactions

Thank you GGG, I actually bought quite some stuff I was still missing!
Sneakypaw wrote:
Bluntexile wrote:
hahahaha this is sooooo funny :)

dude asks how to spend money & exactly 3min later answer from support :D

meanwhile 1000's ask about why melee is the biggest crap ever and get completely ignored :D

So funny, people are starving in 3rd world countries and this guy complains about melee being crap in a video game. :D

You know that support (who answers the type of question about MTX et cetera) have no idea what's up with game ballance and stuff, right?

Get of your high horse, no one @GGG knows about balance
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I would love a Black Friday discount into Stash Tabs... or a Weekend Discount on them.

Please, can you consider it? :)
hi all, i've never used the shop yet and i don't understand where i can see what is discounted, someone can help, or is the offer already over?
edit : @ Letsstartaband thans for the explanation
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look on Website: Shop > Microtransactions > Special, the items have the red Sign "on Sale"

Sale is still going on, greetings
Sexcalibure wrote:
I miss Old POE ThanksGiving where everything was 50% off

it been a long time since we've seen Huge sales and Hourly deals events :(

Still, thx for this sale! still more interesting than last week's haha

What is more interesting? The thanksgiving offers currently sucks
I don't want to be a pest, but any plans to put Seraph Spectral Throw on sale again? Hasn't been since last christmas so I figured it would be about time.
since the last update failed to connect to instance multiple times help
It never happened before
now, is unplayable
I'm glad that you guys did a sale like this, and I hope your future sales look MORE like this in the future, it encourages more diverse looking characters in your game. Would also go a ways to either implement a color change system, or a way to subtly match certain armor shades so they look more alike with other sets.

For example, I hate the Bull armor legs and helmet, but I love the torso and arms, would be awesome if I could change other armors to closer match the pieces in that set, would also open me and others up to buy more mtx in the future for sure.
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