Thanksgiving Week Sale - 50% off Selected Microtransactions

Very Nice
Are they changing day to day? Or is this just a set sale of these items for the next few days?
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Namcap wrote:
Bring back the pilgrim hat instead! I didn't buy it years ago and always regretted it.

As generous as this sale is, GGG you can do much better than this.

+1 for pilgrim hat instead
thank you, and the video have a nice soundtrack too.
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Bring back the pilgrim hat. I didn't know what I was missing by not buying it back then. :c
I'm too old for this shit.
We wanted new holiday themed MTX--First you missed Halloween, now Thanksgiving :(.

Pilgrim and Witch Hat please.
It's been a while since they have done a holiday mtx. Think the last one I remember was last year for the turkey pet and witch hat.

Sales of multiple items are always good though, bought a few.
I have a small concern, at least for the pack i was interested in (The Arcane Armor set) this sale doesnt make sense, I can either buy the pack itself, for 360 points, which is the normal price of the set, or i can buy the set individually for (70+70+110+107) 357 points. this saves me an entire 30 cents? I have a feeling the armour sets in the store are not reflecting the correct price with the discounted pieces.

*edit* I just checked and this is the same with the Necrotic Armour set (420p regular, or 415p bought individually) If you look at the details the "sale" item in the bundle is not reflecting the reduced price as it should be
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