Thanksgiving Week Sale - 50% off Selected Microtransactions

Demon King Horns Kreygasm , thx GGG
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I could finally get an Infernal Helmet.
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Ty for scam <3
+1 pilgrim hat (same for any other past holiday mtx)

The pilgrim hat, witch hat, etc effects are already in game. It can't have required much work to put them up unless there is somethimg really wrong with shop implementation.
It's likely the damned exclusivity thing again. They have the product, there seems to be some demand, but they just won't sell it.
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50% off? Wow, this is awesome.
50 % is great when u get what u wanted.. but Ferret pets are never for sale :(
Those combinations are quite nice.

Particularly fond of The Noxious Executioner and the Desert Warrior.
#2 and #4 looks decent, #1 and #3 looks like it was thrown together by [Removed by Support] some blind kid [But Back In By Me]. Sales usually gets me, but this is a joke. Guess there is absolutely zero reason to invest in the game currently.
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Selling discounted set pieces to lure ppl for completing sets - clever, clever.
Edit: Misread something.

Also, +1 to Pilgrim Hat please
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