Thanksgiving Week Sale - 50% off Selected Microtransactions

since you wanted feedback GGG

I really am looking forward to halloween, thaksgiving and xmas special mtx.

Idc about these MTX you put up to be honest.
I like to see the dragon disk helmet on sale though, i love that one, or hands pet or blood worm.
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Decided to go for The Noxious Executioner and add on the Necrotic Footprints.

Was very disappointed that instead of including the Necrotic Gloves in the sale you included Vanishing Dye so we'd have to spend points every time we get a new pair of gloves.

...then about five minutes later I googled it to make sure I was right... and I wasn't. Dyes just intuitively feel like consumables - especially as a former D3 player. You might want to add a note to the store specifying Vanishing Dye follows the normal rules for cosmetic MTX as opposed to being a limited use item like Skin Transfers. Still, sorry I doubted you GGG. :( <3

#2 and #4 looks decent-ish, #1 and #3 is a joke thrown together by a bunch of kids it seems like.
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All I noticed was that GGG is fully aware that the Vampire helmet looks like utter crap and thus the infernal helm was used...
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Arg, was hoping full sets would go on sale for Black Friday

Azorien wrote:
+1 pilgrim hat (same for any other past holiday mtx)

The pilgrim hat, witch hat, etc effects are already in game. It can't have required much work to put them up unless there is somethimg really wrong with shop implementation.
It's likely the damned exclusivity thing again. They have the product, there seems to be some demand, but they just won't sell it.

Exactly well said, the DEMAND is big why don't they see it???!!
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I miss when two years ago the full shop was 50%. Like any store around the world.
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Yep their stuck on well "it was exclusive" SCREW THAT I can see the supporter packs being that and that's fine, but Holiday MTX's common GGG listen to your players!!
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can we expect another black friday sale, like last year. 50% off of every microtransactions?

also the pilgrim hat would be nice, i was looking for it for years :(
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