Thanksgiving Week Sale - 50% off Selected Microtransactions

Meh, ask else for koala bear.

But they could sell the hat EVERY year at least.
I like exclusive but I do miss holiday MTX
I'm all for "Exclusive" but let that be for Supporter packs, not holiday MTX's I think we all look forward to those.
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nonomm77 wrote:
I miss when two years ago the full shop was 50%. Like any store around the world.

Same. I saw that 50% off and was looking forward to buying a bunch of things, instead I only got two. Perhaps next time I suppose.
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Thank you for 50 %. Hello Ebony Weapons Effekt ;)

Is there a Chance that the Formosan Bear will be for 50%-Sale in near future ? Once it was, but long ago.

Oh, and please make Rats availible in Store

Thanks and greetings to a very good Support-Team
to me it feels like ggg refuses to make money... i hope they do a nice x-mas sell or something huge
Seems like it, I mean the mtx's they place on sale probably for the most part everyone has anyhow, and sooner or later that stuff will be on sale. Holiday MTX'S only come around once a yr so it would make more sense for them to sell those, we all would rather have the holiday MTX. They would make far more cash selling the Pilgrim hats again than they would make having a few item's on sale that we prolly all have.
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amassing a wealth of fish

2.5.0 : Fishing League confirmed feat Carpdiro
so no holiday mtx again?

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