With just over a week until the launch of Breach, we know you're dying for info on what delightful goodies the Breachlords have stashed in their interdimensional pockets. So today we're showing off two unique items obtainable through Breach, and two that will be available in the rest of Wraeclast.
Ewar's Mirage
Plenty of melee attacks have projectile components and almost all of them also happen to deal elemental damage. Ewar's Mirage serves to benefit those builds as they level up by providing meaty benefits to the total number of enemies you can hit with any given attack, as well as a very high amount of Weapon Elemental Damage.

Shade of Solaris
When it comes to critical strikes, most builds tend to gravitate to one extreme or the other. Shade of Solaris is designed to benefit builds that want to occasionally deal critical strikes without focusing on the damage they deal. A perfect partner for an Elemental Overload build, as long as you aren't looking for crits to inflict status ailments!

Xoph's Nurture

As an early-game bow, Xoph's Nurture will carry you through the latter half of Normal and into Cruel quite easily, providing significant amounts of both damage and life gain for characters that focus on frequent ignites. Later, as you can see on our Breach preview page it has the potential to become a fire proliferation powerhouse.

Xoph'ethula's Heart

You may have seen Xoph'ethakk's Heart on our Breach preview page already. Xoph'ethula's Heart is the upgraded version. This potent amulet locks you into a pure fire build, boosts your life and strength, and gives you Fire Penetration to boot.

All of these items and many, many more will become available on December 2 (US time). We look forward to seeing what you can do with them!
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Hype !!

(First time First - useless but fun) :D
IGN : Zakam
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20% of Elemental to extra Chaos dmg omg!
Well, looks like Righteous Fire with Belly of The Beast + Xoph'kek's Heart will be built.
Cool! Can these uniques be upgraded via blessings?
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That amulet... damn, what a hype.

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