New Unique Items

Well, actually these uniques are shit. That's all.
Quantity of Unics made 99.9999% of Rares useless --> 99% of essences useless, sweeeet.
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pandasplaying wrote:
i wish uniques were made with inspiration from diablo 3 legendaries... their stats are so much more interesting

Just no, hell no. They look like a 12 y-o came up with the designs and numbers on those.
I am not sure why are people so wet from the amulet. Nobody on SC will use it as CI meta won't end just like that and otherwise yes, it's insane, but only for couple non-meta builds.
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
The levelling uniques are underwhelming to say the least. There are more than enough levelling items, is there really a need for more? The bow, providing it has 3D art, would make a nice skin.
I think people are pointing out the wrong wrinkles in the Path of Sheets.

I think GGG needs to TONE DOWN items instead of bringing up more 'balanced' ideas. Things like what this new wand brings is absolutely amazing for the game. Make people choose the lesser of two evils. Make them think about the validity of their choices more. We need challenge, not triviality. Raise your hand if you've had a hard time leveling during the past year? Flashback league... maybe.

Since the addition of Ascendancy classes, everything besides labyrinth traps is a joke in terms of difficulty all the way up to high-end maps.
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Im still missing the Jewel that makes Power Siphon great again-> something like "at max. Power Charges your Power Siphon adds two more Projectiles and chains 1 time"

Alot newer Players never saw the Beauty of that Skill because of KB. How hard is to make it viable again - you did it with Barrage (aka. Volley Fire Jewel) why not Power Siphon?

The new Uniques look promising (will we have finally a "Path of Burn League"??) especially the Bow+Amulet (in their upgraded Version) Is the inbuild Prolif Range on that Bow the same as the Gem? Then its not good enough in my can then play better reach/opus pierce burning arrow. (maybe use as alt Bow on Bosses then)

To safe Life builds-> why not change vitality into flat life and quality would be life-regen on it? Play around with the numbers so that we maybe can get like 11-12k life with top gear (on a dedicated build ofc).

Im still exited after all the years of POE (more then 5 years in my case) for the new League

Good Job POE Team
pandasplaying wrote:
i wish uniques were made with inspiration from diablo 3 legendaries... their stats are so much more interesting

Please NEVER do that.
D3 legendaries are the main reason why I don't play D3 anymore.
D3 itemization is the perfect example of what shall NOT be done in a HnS.
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