New Unique Items

KalidhoS wrote:
The amulet, Oro's Flicker strike builds will probably say THANK YOU!

Ye, Oro Flicker will get new BIS
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Marxone wrote:
KalidhoS wrote:
The amulet, Oro's Flicker strike builds will probably say THANK YOU!

Ye, Oro Flicker will get new BIS

I understand, you both play with an old build -> means crit base?

BIS is "Eye of Innocence" if you want damage (ignite also and more then this)..

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Maybe one day they will stop adding crap leveling unique...Maybe...
EnafAequi wrote:
double Shade of Solaris + Xoph'ethula's Heart + Belly of The Beast

with Righteous Fire as main damage dealer
+ blade vortex or another spell with +crit and some non fire elemental damage added
to proc both Shade of Solaris AND Elemental Equlibrum AND Elemental Overload

Oh yeah baby,

insane Righteous Fire

Amulet penetration won't give RF anything. Spell damage from wands won't affect RF. Added chaos damage from wands won't affect RF. Dual-wielding wands will prevent you from wearing Rise of Phoenix as well as "reduced damage over time taken" bow so you just die to RF. Amulet will never allow you to proc EE. Build of the week, non the less.
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List of vendor thrash updated!

Contractor wrote:
Cool! Can these uniques be upgraded via blessings?

"You may have seen Xoph'ethakk's Heart on our Breach preview page already. Xoph'ethula's Heart is the upgraded version."

So yes, but I guess some of them, not all.

Also, hype, too bad none of those uniques would support my build, but maybe one of the other uniques will. :D
more yawn items to vendor

The amulet looks good but AoF is a large side effect nowadays since it prevents EE.
Can you guys just like...fix EE? Instead of trying to give people reasons not to use it.

As long as it is abusable(and in its current form that's the only way to use it), it will be abused and make balancing a pain and pigeon-hole builds.

I really hope it gets changed this patch. I don't want to feel "forced" to go EE on literally every elemental build to be able to compete.
eralduspr wrote:
Scrubble07 wrote:
Do all these people talking about vendor trash realize that the sword and the bow will get upgraded? Probably not because reading is difficult.

I love how you're implying that the sword will be upgraded, when there is NO indication of it anywhere,plus you say that reading is "difficult"... the irony is delicious!

Dude please read the swords name it's like copy of the bow one and you can check bow's upgrade in breachs learn more section.

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