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New Unique Items

welp now frost blades is gonna get retarded
Let's go!
IGN: JerleEleven (Jerle's Eleven ;))
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Ripped 760pdps bow 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
I think the wand is going to do exactly what GGG wants it to do. Give a nice bonus for builds that have zero crit multi but still get critical hits once in a while. It will also be good in builds where the main skill cant crit but there's a secondary mechanic to proc EO, like CwDT+ Ice Spear+ Inc. Crit. These types usually have some endgame uniques that would replace the wands which mostly makes them leveling only.
Good Stuff! My only source of sadness is that I never find leveling uniques until i've leveled, lol. Ahh well!
Nice! was hoping for a full list but this is good too.
that amulett omg, oro fire flicker just got better!
Incinerate is gonna be op with that new wand!
situation with low level uniques is by the time any of them drop will have reached high levels to obtain currency to buy more useful items..

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