New Unique Items

EdenRage wrote:
situation with low level uniques is by the time any of them drop will have reached high levels to obtain currency to buy more useful items..

Yeah, I don't understand this point in the game.

Leveling unique items drops only after merciles. Tabula rasa, Goldrim, lifesprigs, this new items. ( Ok if u're extremely lucky you drop a tabula rasa on normal difficult, but I never actually heard something like that, maybe 1 in a million ).

This specific leveling unique items should drop more often in normal/cruel difficult. Or we keep dropping it after we're mapping already to sell it for 3c. 3c isn't amazing. Dropping this items while leveling would be the real big deal. If it's a leveling item, it should drops more often while leveling. Not on maps and merciles difficult.
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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That wand will make will transform every monster in my way to dust.
that was insane
hmm let's have some more unique items that people don't even pickup, yup that's the way to go...
nice Amulet :P
Look at all this stuff I'll never find on my own.
Path of Chieftains is coming.
Really cool items, can't wait to see the new jewels HYPE
I was realy exited when I red the text of the Sword ... then I saw it has no x-x physical/elemental damage and no xxx% damage :(.

Even if I stack as much x-x damage on all other items ... a normal blue sword will outdamage this unique :(.

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