[2.6] LowRes' Elemental Machine Gun Frost Blades Raider [Cheap]

how much more the Alpha's Howl increases the damage compared to the Rat's Nest?
ign: HaruMamberu
is it worth it to use vaal orbs on the pair of ewars?
dragon5047 wrote:
is it worth it to use vaal orbs on the pair of ewars?

I got two almost perfectly rolled for 1c each, so you do you man.
dragon5047 wrote:
is it worth it to use vaal orbs on the pair of ewars?

The question here is if you want to trade 30% global crit for culling on one of your ewars.
I'd say that it would be worth getting that, but I'm not sure how big the chance for it is. Shouldn't be too hard, but it depends on how much currency you are willing to gamble.

Regarding the build: really fun to play and look at, and the AoE/clear is fantastic.
I'm struggling with survivability against bosses though - my mediocre gear doesn't help. Specced into Vaal Pact and really like that addition.

I'm curious to hear if anyone was able to bring this build into high red maps.
I have a question

I made a Frost Blades Pathfinder life based with Doryanis and Touch of Anguish.
The Damage was pretty amazing IMO. I cleared T14 Volcano with lvl 77 and one shottet everything in t10 maps. It had amazing potential. It was phys based mit 77% phys to cold conversion with hrimburn and a corrupted Doryanis.

But i wanted to try CI because i only had 4k life and it felt very squishy at times.

After I saw your build i thought i can pull it off going full ES with Ewars for the chain.

Right now i have two setups:
Ewar + Shield with 8k ES but only 16k HO dps.
Double Ewars with 6.2k ES with 25k HO dps.

I feel like my damage is extremly underwhelming and I dont understand why.
I have high Lightning damage on all slots.
Static Electricity Jewel that gives me 1-72 Lightning damage.

I run Wath, Herald of Ice + Light with curse on hit assasins mark
I even have a frost blade enchant on my helmet with 40% damage.

But my HO damage is only 25k. Sure, pathfinder gets its elemental damage while using a flask, but it simply is no comparision to my previous setup. Even with a Vessel of Vinktar in HO i only have 32k HO Dps.

Seeing you doing the breach boss, i dont feel like i would be able to pull that off with my damage.

Would be awesome if you could check out my character in my profile and see if you can improve it somehow.
Its called "RESETHYPE" - a Pathfinder.
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Would southbound benefit this build(more than rare gloves)?
IGN: IkeRipperoni
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Ike4fin wrote:
Would southbound benefit this build(more than rare gloves)?

Not really.
Hi, I'm currently aiming on your build for next league.
Please tell me is Shaper, Uber, T16 doable or not?
Machine gun? *sees breach vid clearing
Yup, machine gun.
LachdananU235 wrote:
Hello, I am interested in making this build, however I am concerned when watching the sample videos and reading comments. It appears single target dps is quite bad.

I have an idea to modify the build in this way:

You will notice Dirty Tricks for DoT damage, Sniper for extra projectile speed and damage, and a lack of any elemental damage.

The idea is to switch to chaos damage, and use poison scaling. With a few gem and gear changes I think this may solve the problem.

For the main attack, run: Frost Blades - Faster Attacks - Multistrike - Added Chaos Damage - Void Manipulation - Increased Critical Strikes
The sixth link could possibly be Culling Strike, etc.

Then simply wear the unique Snakebite gloves for free poison (hits poison while at maximum frenzy charges).

These changes also allow a few other modifications. For example, the use of defensive auras, or curses on Blasphemy (such as Temporal Chains and Assassin's Mark); and a Wither totem for boss damage scaling. Notice that the ascendancy is moved also from Avatar of the Veil, to Avatar of the Chase (from Phasing to Onslaught tree). With the use of the Perseverance belt, maintaining Fortify also allows permanent Onslaught, allowing flask changes. Other gearing options are also allowed, as one no longer needs flat ele + weapon ele % on every piece. For example, crafting jewelry with Essence of Envy (provides increased chaos damage). For additional poison scaling, many sources of added flat physical damage to attacks are available.
And of course, reflect damage becomes a non-issue, and there is room for Vaal Pact if desired.

Let me know what you think! Has anyone tried something similar for this build? Is anyone willing to? Otherwise I plan to do this after finishing my current experiment (Slayer Champion SRS with Blood Magic...)

How's this working out for ya?

I started something similar using a Cospri's Will to gain Poison, and also an extra curse slot.

I've gotten distracted and tried going in several directions (upping Freeze chance, Frenzy, poison, dreamfeathers, straight Chaos dam) and I'm looking for something to try and settle on.

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