[2.6] LowRes' Elemental Machine Gun Frost Blades Raider [Cheap]

What you think about new Fidelitas' Spike as offhand for elem version? I want to try ele FB as league starter build, and I planning to use Ewar's + Fidelitas as a weapons.
Do you suggest this build for the new league start? I'm new player.
Can you tell me which skills i have to use for levelling?
Hey, i'm really sorry but i really want to begin that build today and, i dont find how to see the url three, is borken and i cant use a offline planner :/

can you help me to get the poe planner ?

Thanks !
Yheaah, thanks you <3
Any plans on updating the tree for 2.6? This is by far one of the most fun builds I have played. Thank you for that!
i playing this build in LHC.
how about single target skill idea?
ConcAoE-BladeFlurry, MultiStrike Frenzy, ElementalHit, DualStrike?
i confused.
Hi what about a tree like this what's wrong? http://poeplanner.com/AAYAAOUSKwBwr-sB0cSiu-P-un11034AXhmO7YPveu4OgawzkkMT5GqpeVb6fyv9bo25MHyXBhmKwzoyAbIZz3okiw-rFr8mlWHiVUuMNhEvd9fjn2egh3ZKfRR1yMzvj99vTip6U2Hr62M2PZ2qbIxirI19I_ZNkluvAx4fQQgum40i6psm3UZjpxGBVEemvp7EXfIrCrVIdf3i1e1BSsg_JypNFz4UjsB2AO4s6YazFSDdDY9gI9NvJ5pq4J8FZm6qtfI1kti9_o9N46ZXKjjD5rF8dPEppRcmeoTQrUHQX3CDbTy-2NUAAAAAAA==

or maybe just physical http://poeplanner.com/AAYAAPUSKwB4r-sB0cSiu-P-un11034AXhmO7YPveu4OgawzkkMT5GqpeVb6fyv9bo25MHyXBhmKwzoyAbIZz3p31-OfZ6CHdkp9FHXIzO-P329OKnpTYeuNfSP2TZJbrwgum40i6psm3UZjpxGBSsg_JypNFz4UjsB2AO4s6RUg3Q2PYCPTbyeaauCfBWZuqrXyNZLYvf6PTeOmVyo4w-axfHTxKaWbtV-wykpvnpykhxN3B_4K8kU64S2DGbS-p2VNvTZHflFH51Qk_f_ePs-95oMJhNn8xbcXgOHiXjiWIWBEnlO7hrMXJnqE0K1B0F9wg208vtjVAAAAAAA=

wondering specially about the flash freeze circle
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anyone doing Frost Blades with Melee Splash? I wonder if it has some big downside rather than the splasn dmg to ignore the 30% res with the threshold jewels
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Ty for scam <3
I managed to gimp it somehow and I'm struggling with Cruel Act 4. Any tips on how I can get this build back on the rails?

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