[2.6] LowRes' Elemental Machine Gun Frost Blades Raider [Cheap]

What can replace frost blades for solo target?
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Hey, thought I would update my progress with this build, currently level 86 in LSC and in yellow maps atm. Dps is 66k with all flasks and charges up, I also decided to go 2h sword with Terminus Est as pathfinder. It's going wonderfully so far! I've also chosen to use 2x Fight for survival in my tree.

Here is my character (KannibleKlown_Frosty) for those interested in my gear thus far, and tree. https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/kayklown/characters
Thanks for your update! How good is your dps with terminus est? Survivability is OK vs. the added block of dual wield?
i love this build. Im only lvl 71 with 90k dps full frenzy stack.

got a jewelled foil with 500dps (417edps) and it MELTS

the ewars mainhand chain effect is much better than the additional projectile.

using 6L link belly with crit gem as 6th link until i can switch rings over to lightning, then i will go lightning pen instead

im pretty proud of sniping this off poe.trade for dirt cheap

my other gear

i have 3200 life, so my focus is on getting some more life and prioritize life passives
thanks so much for this guide, lowres
Anyone have a quick compare-contrast between this build and Sidefx06's, and Appels_Zijn_Gezond's? I am really liking the look of this for my first raider, but I'm not sure what the various nuances to the build are. Does this build (or others like it) scale into the endgame? Just wondering, thanks!
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I'm probably missing something but how do you run wrath,herald of thunder AND herald of ice?they take 100% mana.
Royboby, charisma reduces your mana reserved by 8%, so you can still use your skills even with 3 auras.
Or you can get an item that has a same effect, Alpha's Howl Sinner Tricorne for example!
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What is Duelist Leech? I can't seem to find it in the Skill Tree.

I'm level 61 with this build atm, I'm loving it! :)
By duelist leech he means the life leech nodes near the duelist starting zone.
It goes into Vitality Void.
Great Build. Been using this for awhile now.

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