[2.6] CRIT HoWA BF/ST Raider [13k ES, 60k BF/265k GMP ST DPS, Stun-immune] [4 sec Chayula kill]

Presaio1993 wrote:

Starting playing this build b/c i already have HH + SF. Should i use all of those items or just buy another shoes and belt?

SF can work - depending on how much currency you have, it can work out quite well.

HH is fun - really fun for mapping - but offers absolutely nothing against bosses.
Given that you seem to have a lot of currency available (HH and SF), I'd probably keep both.

For tough bosses though - I'd want a better belt, for sure - and maybe that cascades a big gear change as well.
So... I guess it depends on what your goal is - killing tough bosses argues against SF and HH - clearing maps quickly and having fun - well, HH and SF fit the bill there.
i hope skyforth is good for this build
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oh no he is saying things i dont like ... quick call him a troll and ignore his points what an easy way out :D what a shame when people are so concerned about looking like a kindhearted person to strangers yet they have to resort to such lowly agents but hey as long as we are all polite and friendly with each other you can easily distract and ignore arguments and come up with random bullshit when it is convenient like suddenly taking a perfectly geared character as an example but i guess when you have everyone on your side because you are the friendly and helpful guide maker you can do such things :D well gj dude im out

Wow, pot calling the kettle black much? You were the one that started this whole back and forth by taking your nearly perfect gear (outside of your stupid Kaom's Roots) giving you just enough ES and Damage to be competitive with the better geared people in here and calling literally everybody that took Unwavering Stance 'dumb' because they did. Then you didn't have the good grace to just accept that you were wrong when it was proved over and over again. Now you are still trying to somehow prove the OP 'wrong' by finding something to nitpick with his build and his suggestions.

No shit, depending on your budget and the rest of your gear some choices will be better than others. That's just how min-maxing works. In some cases if it allows you to get a nice notable node or gear upgrade by sacrificing one property on a jewel, there is absolutely no question it could be better. But the whole point is that if you are building towards an ideal, then OPs gear / skill tree are nearly optimal, and if we're talking about actually optimal and not constrained by a budget then his example is perfectly valid as the best choice. If you can't get optimal gear because it's too expensive then you have to make choices as to how to maximize potential given the constraints you put upon yourself with what's available.

OP completely redid his ST tree based on someone else's suggestion because they were more polite than you. He worked nicely with me when I suggested something similar to you (to skip US and use a +1 Frenzy Eye of Chayula instead) and ultimately it turned out that using a Crit Multi amulet was superior for me, but we had a nice civil discussion about it. The entire problem here is you and your holier than thou attitude; get the hell out of this thread so we can go back to being constructive and polite instead of bickering with an ass like you.

LAKOT wrote:
i hope skyforth is good for this build

Skyforth is good if you already have enough ES / Res on other gear to not need it on your boots, but otherwise it can be quite a pain to work into the build. It also doesn't provide as much benefit for this build as for many others because the points used to get Unwavering Stance are actually reasonably efficient (although not optimal)
ok u have insane gear... I was wondering how come you have so much ES.. or at all.. when you don't take almost any ES nodes. crazy.
Is there anywhere videos with Crit ST boss killing? Im curious of the speed. Already saw non crit versions with around 50k GMP HO killing it pretty fast so that up to 100K with Crit looks like nuts.
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Just wanted to ask for a gear check. I'm running BF:



Also wanted advice on which direction to go on the tree next. Was thinking that picking up the claw node to the far right would be the best:

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Hello. I started playing this build. It's quite fun to play. However, some questions come to my mind while leveling. Sorry if the answers are already written on the guide, english isn't my native language, added the fact i'm a begginer, I maybe did miss the informations.

So, in the build, he state
Note: if you are playing ST, do not get jewels with melee critical strike multiplier/melee/area damage. They will not apply to ST as it is not a melee skill. They only apply to BF.

What jewels do I get instead then?

Can you advice me a unique armor to level with? I'm level 57 actually and I'm about to start merciless with about 1.8k hp and 300ES atm.

And last question, Spectral throw eat all my mana, literally, so I can't run auras, I can't play with 25% of my mana. Any advice on this?

Thanks for your replies, cheers
ok u have insane gear... I was wondering how come you have so much ES.. or at all.. when you don't take almost any ES nodes. crazy.

1000 Int = 200% increased ES
U can use any elreon rings (-x mana cost of skills) or a unique ring called Praxis what works the same. Also did u take Mana Leech nodes already?

Im usually using Wall of Brambles armor for lvling, gives a lot of armor and helps a lot with defence but a 5 link or so would cost around 3 for base and around 20 for 5link prophecy so 25c~.

About jewels: It was writen in guide, you should aim for 1x AS mod + 2x Crit Multi mods(just be sure its not melee crit multi since it won't work for ST)

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