[2.6] CRIT HoWA BF/ST Raider [13k ES, 60k BF/265k GMP ST DPS, Stun-immune] [4 sec Chayula kill]

So I'm lvl 93 at legacyHC right now with this build. This is my second character in this league (first one was Ad1ce's build of split arrow poison double deep archer, who unfortunately ripped to a freezing strongbox with an empty antifreeze flask on lvl 94:)
So far Im pretty impressed with a build and its potential, tho it was relatively hard to level and currency consuming. Been doing all maps up to tier15, all breaches including Chayula - no problems. Right now Im thinking about higher content such as Guardians and Shaper, but not sure about requirements for that (also I did not touch any of these content before).

Will appreciate any suggestions on my current tree, gear and gem setup!
Tree lvl93:


And yeah, mr.Invalesco, thanks for sharing build!
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Done Chimera and Minotaur. Died to Minotaur on the second attempt. The best way to kill it was facetanking with slower projectiles instead of gmp, but seems 11k shield is not enoth to be relatively safe :) Chimera was easier, the only danger moment is when he starts hiding in clouds, have to find him fast. Hope it helps to whoever is still playing :) Build is amazing, to bad its not viable in 3.0 anymore
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tsohar77 wrote:
hi maybe u can help me i read all the build and i didn't understand way i have just 13k dps
maybe u can help me pls (amulet i will add %es)

My guess from looking at your gear/jewels would be low accuracy
I have 84% chance to hit its maybe can add 1k more but i miss 12k+ dps
i change my helmet to this

and now have 14 k steal not close to 22 k
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Is it worth playing this in 3.0 ?
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