[3.12]g00fy_goober's Ultimate EleBuzzsaw Raider (Easily Clear All Content)

Did try chancing with anull as well

Rip ;(
sunjie8765 wrote:

How do you get your lightning dmg so high?

I only get about 1.3k but you have 6.7k within h/o


Wrath + lightning dmg is the highest on weapons and scales the most and such, lightning will always be your highest once you are geared up.

KagaKaiNi wrote:
I've just changed my claw from this one

to this one
. The increased eDPS should be quite a lot, but to my surprise the tooltip damage falls down a bit. Any reason for that?

When changing a weapon and increasing EDPS you should always maintain the attackspeed/crit. If you get a huge increased to EDPS but lose crit or a massive chunk of APS the damage/tooltip will be effected by a lot.

The goal is to get a good dual ele + 27 crafted crit + 25% attack speed (or close to it) giving you 7.62 crit + 2.0 aps on the weapon, when you upgrade to an end game claw from there you have to find one that has the SAME APS, the same slot to craft crit and THEN more edps.
blackdeath101 wrote:
basti01985 wrote:
Now 2 questions:
1: Did not get Point Blank yet, wont it slow me down regarding clear speed? (will do less dmg to ranged Mobs)
2: Now I need your advice. What to Upgrade next(aim for). Wanna go for shaper kill next.

Use Whirling Blades to move around and use ST. You'll get the Fortify buff, be in range of PB, and move a lot faster. When your damage starts getting higher, you'll clear stuff even in negative range.
Get more levels. Lots of missed skill points and jewel slots. More XP on gems.
No crit chance on claw and low attack speed. You want around 1.8+ atk speed and 8% crit chance with a decent eDPS.
Replace Quicksilver with Atziri's or Vessel (light dmg to attacks or light pen). Whirling Blades is faster except need to withhold on maps with no mana regen.
More life and WED on belt.
More WED on Two-Stone ring and amulet.
Bleed removal on a life flask.

Thanks for your progression advice, got a Vessel meanwhile which buffed the dmg quite well.

But i am struggling with some Bosses pretty hard. Tried "The Hall of Grandmasters" and 2 of those 4 Bosses (Minotaur/Hydra) and got wrecked totally.
Right now sitting at 4130HP (which is too less i am aware of) but the HP is kind of binary.

So im dead kind of instantly.
In your screenshots you were at 40% Chance to dodge Attacks AND Spells.

I am at 36% Dodge Attacks and 0% chance to dodge spells.
Evasion Rating, Evade%, Energy Shield and Max resistances are same as yours.
Profile is public as well (Char: Buzzaw)

Is there anything else im doing wrong, checked the passive tree again, nothing that i saw.
I guess everyone here is using Acrobatics as well?
basti01985 wrote:
Is there anything else im doing wrong, checked the passive tree again, nothing that i saw.
I guess everyone here is using Acrobatics as well?

Screenshots are from Legacy League and build has changed since. Some people sacrifice some damage for the spell dodge chance, but it is not necessary. I haven't tried Hall of Grandmasters yet, but mainly because I heard it was pretty hard with all of the OP builds and didn't want to attempt it until later. I would focus on just the regular maps first.

This build is a high damage and attack speed build with instant life leech. As long as the enemies don't deal over your HP in an instant, you will survive by leeching it back up. But if you lack the HP and/or damage, then it won't work.

A lot of what I said still applies. No life on amulet, low life on belt, and crafted HP on multiple slots quickly adds up missing HP. The no crit, crafted atk speed claw misses a lot of damage. Getting crit chance on my claw was around 10% crit chance with flask for me. More levels will add more HP and dmg. No bleed removal on flask still, so if anything gives you a significant bleed, you are dead without enough mobs to sustain the bleed damage off.

Also, are you using Slower Projectiles for bosses? That is a significant single target dmg boost, but you'll want the HP to survive up close.
Guys, i've done all the end game and want to do some uber lab with this build, someone of you farm uber lab with her? Do you have any tips to make? I want to know if vaal pact or not.

blackdeath101 wrote:
Ed_died wrote:
Your dps is not 6.7k, I just checked your PoB stats and as expected, unbuffed is 16k, h/o dps should be about 20+k.

@sunjie, to add to this, make sure you are selecting Spectral Throw in your stats screen (not normal attack) OR highlight ST in your skills bar to get the tooltip. Use Golem and Auras with the number. That number will get boosted further once you stack flasks and Frenzy charges, but hideout damage is easier to compare.

Thank you both so much and the time spent to help me.

Really appreciate that.

1 question. Still crafting claws :/ Any suggestions ? I dont trust the dps tooltip :) I've done the shaper but i want to improve the char :)

With this 40k dps. HO ( still i can put cold dmg enchant)

With This 37k dps. HO

Edit: i switch to this first claw, added cold dmg and HO dps is now 42k.
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maussoldier1 wrote:
Guys, i've done all the end game and want to do some uber lab with this build, someone of you farm uber lab with her? Do you have any tips to make? I want to know if vaal pact or not.

Uber lab is a piece of cake except the charge disruptors if you want that key, I always skip that. I use the flask recovery pantheon because of the traps, it's so useful in lab. Vaal pact is required in this build so go with it.

thats my first leauge in PoE ever and kinda the third build i tried. I have the most fun with it and it feels so good. So thanks for all your work so far. :)

I had to skill in +30 str and +30 int sometimes in the level process to keep me really going with items and did respecc them as soon as i could. I wonder if other ppl run into the same issue? Just out of curriousity.

At the moment i run T11/12 to level and to get some currency. The highest map i did was T15 dark forest and i will never do that boss again :P But it did make me wonder if i am soon ready for the Bosses before Shaper. Would anyone of you way more expierienced players look over Ninafey and tell me where i have improvement to do? What i know for myself is potions and the helm enchantment. After the Belly i have no currency left to buy the enchantment, so i try to get it myself. So far no good.

Thx in advance and sorry for probably not so good english, i hope it is understood as i want it to :D
hey, is it worth getting 20+´quality on 21 wrath/herald of ice?

Also, wich is the correct version of vinktar flask?
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