[2.6] EK NOVA Pathfinder/Occultist Millions of DPS. UPDATED w/ Leveling Guide!

3.0 Update happening (during beta maybe) or not?
Balantakos wrote:
3.0 Update happening (during beta maybe) or not?

I think the ES version of this build will be pretty much dead, leech with vaal pact was a huge part of the build. Not sure about possibilites with going life but we have to wait out for rest of the patchnotes to see what happens.
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Balantakos wrote:
3.0 Update happening (during beta maybe) or not?

would be niice if you waited with updating to after the 1 week race, gonna try it and im sure others will try it too..
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could be nice with a pledge and MoM life build making it somewhat viable maybe?

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I'm enjoying this build in these the last days - weeks - of Legacy League. Thank you for your work.
Hi all, sorry for lack of updates recently. It's been nice playing this build again as a last hurrah for poison, in Mayhem and soon to be Turmoil league.

3.0 guide will come soon, I can sum it up for you:

Poison is dead, so we'll switch to Raider/Inquisitor. You can reach solid 600k + DPS with a Raider running EK + Spell Echo + ICS + Physical to Lightning + Pierce + Faster Proj with two Heralds. As a bonus, the Raider will have 20-40 MS over Pathfinder, 200% MS for running with a wand. We lose some block and get excited about 8.5k ES now (without Vaal pact). Or we play Berseker-MoM with 7K+ HP and Vaal Pact.

As for running around with a Brightbeak / spell dagger and using Shield Charge, I think with elemental EK it will still be viable.

I've tried making an Ailment-based 3.0 build, I think the best I could come up with was ~200-300k dps with poison, and this was before they nerfed Perfect Agony to 30%.

As for the ES nerfs... I think using a Beast Fur Shawl, or possibly Ascendent/Trickster for Increased Recovery (giving you a higher ES leech rate) will be a way to slightly make up for the lack of Vaal Pact.
You can make a Beserker variant with Kaom's Heart and Pledge of Hands hit for >500k dps with Arcane Surge, and have over 230% life + MoM on tree for a good 10K EHP. The problem here is Leap Slam at 1.2 APS with pledge of hands as the primary movement skill. you could use a 4L Lightning Warp instead.

character from Mayhem, was #3 Pathfinder with about 24 hrs to go before I RIP'd.
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reached lv100 playing this build

really strong build imo
Love the build and write-up, thanks for all your hard work. My request is that if you are updating to 3.0 you at least leave the post 2.6 until Turmoil is over. I'm running this build now in Turmoil and I don't think the forums would have a way to let me see the 2.6 version if it was overwritten with a 3.0 version. I'd be doomed if the content went away!
Just finished getting this build to 90, from scratch, in the 2-week Turmoil league. Overall a really fun build that was quick to level. I deviated from your tree a bit as I didn't find 100% pierce, or extra power charges worth the investment while on a 5-Link.

With Victario's Acuity I was able to remove the blade vortex mechanic completely and switch to Orb of Storms with PCoC/Vuln for bosses.

Here was my final setup at 90 (my character EKLastHurrah in profile)



Jewels (+ Ring of Blades):


My tree: poeurl.com/bndl

With Hatred + Blasphemy + Warlords Mark I had 7,438 ES.

DPS Tooltip in Hideout (no flasks): 41,925
DPS Tooltip in Hideout (w/ flasks): 76,600
DPS Tooltip with max charges: 126,000
Path of Building DPS: 618,000

I finished Uber lab first try at 86 (with wither totem) and was completing Shaped Strands in 2-5 minutes depending on mods.

It was fun and I will miss EK when it gets nerfed. Thanks again for the good write up.
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