[2.6] EK NOVA Pathfinder/Occultist Millions of DPS. UPDATED w/ Leveling Guide!

Dukart wrote:
do you think it would be worth it to put another Ring of blades beside mind drinker/blood drinker?

That's a no go, they're limited to 1.
Build is fun as hell. I'm running occultist with plans to transition to either LL tri curse with shavs or cospris quad curse CI. Not sure yet. Only lvl 76 and really squishy due to gear but damage is really good thus far in legacy. Cheers.
Would like to know your progression from hybrid to CI. When you made the transition, what gear you prioritized etc. I feel my damage is lacking at the moment, how would I go about improving it? Also, is EK-Spell Echo-Pierce-Void Manipulation-Inc Crit Strikes/Damage the way to go in a 5-link? How about Controlled Destruction instead of Void Manipulation?
Do you plan on using Rathpith's for your Pathfinder? If not what other shield are you looking to use?
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I feel pretty squishy leveling as well, for damage though I've found controlled destruction and added chaos to work well in a 5 link, at least until atziri flask/the poison wheel and flask nodes I just don't think the extra chaos damage off the poison itself is worth the tradeoff, though that's just a personal estimate
How are you not using a Sin's Rebirth or added chaos gem?
Can you post your path of building link? I ran the same tree with everything and even gave it a 9 link and couldn't even achieve 1/4th of your screenshot damage
Double dipping ES projectiles - No more AOE
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Why don't you get the pierce cluster for 100% pierce?
its not necessary to get 100% pierce. With Spellecho you will kill all the white Trash with one cast. Atleast i am doing that.

Apep's Rage is really doing work for this build. The manacosts are annoying at the start.

Secret Tip for all you out there. Karui Ward Jade Amulet
tbh doing this build with skyforth and dual voidbattery. cant seem to get a decent crit chance doe.

btw empower lvl 4 gives me more dps then controlled destruction.

u should also try fork instead of pierce for clearing

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