How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Aim_Deep wrote:
Poison warchief totems. you got mace, chest, and ring for it

Suppose i could do that. If it is too lame i have a 69 slayer on standby. (that cant wear the ring and the chest at once, because i cant cap my resists for shit then, fml)
I just started and i'm loving SSF so far, a whole different experience from the standard temp leagues.

Trading has ruined the game in my opinion, wether or not the devs wants to face it there's a huge market for selling and buying items with real money in PoE and it has made hardcore a cake walk for those that spend rl money on currency.

Taken from an auction site, rules or not it's about time you face that this is a real problem.

SSF is the way to go, it seperate the men from the boys and i would like to believe it is the way the devs intended the game to be played.

I have never felt so much joy finding items in any league than i do with SSF.

There should be more perks for playing in a ssf such as better rolls to make up for the lack of trading and parties.
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HC SSF... just another day in paradise.. RNG - sux today.. most likely sux tomorrow.. why even cry over it.. just kill shit and enjoy the moments.

I think it's going just fine, considering I completely started over in HC-SSF

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I'm doing ok. Upgraded the weapon, found a decent chest and 5Ld it (sure shot Voraci for the first 5L in league). Lvl 86, 6.1k life, 10k armor, 6 endu charges, fortify & blind for bosses & tough enemies...


Progressing through Atlas is kinda bad and I'm still grinding T6. I found Zana quite late, so that caused a delay in dailies & buying maps from her.

Notable lewtz

I think I'll do something with that Terminus Est & Abyssus next..
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Finishing up Cruel... but at work today. Yep. Saturday. Sucks.

I'll do some Dried Lake when I get home. Still looking for gear for Character-to-be-named-next-Friday.
Level 92 now, grinded my way to 78/126 maps on the Atlas, done up to T15 maps
with flameblast totems. I feel I have hit a gear wall now, feeling squishy with fun map mods, nothing crazy has dropped and I am not inspired to continue atm. It's been an experience :)


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act2 merciless, even more bad luck than normal... My 4l still sustain anyway. I still hope to find something significant for my build. No keys, no ex, no valuable unique or really usefull rare. I'm still pursuing ssf experiences...
... nothing
Level 78 and still haven't found better boots than these

Need a 5 link but not sure if I should try it with this...

Decent elemental Foil but I need higher level Masters to craft with less than poor results.

Poor RNG, I haven't found any uniques that will make my build improve dramatically, but having fun. Who needs to trade? Not me!
im really enjoying the experience. every high level unique i find im thinking about a way to make a good build for it even tho its not some overpowered item. also it really makes you think what to spend currency on since theres a much greater risk vs reward. as for my character, i started as firenovamine sab. leveled to 82 but started dying a lot in maps because i had to stand in close range to lay mines. when i found a tremor rod i was going to switch to arc miner with it until a ngamahus flame dropped which made me reroll a raider. still no xoph's heart for her but there are some nice life nods on the path to avatar of fire so it's pretty good. so far clearing very fast and very satisfying to know that i found/crafted everything i own.
Going nice so far, lvl56 Ice Shot raider, a random warband was so nice to drop
:-D (even if it's the nerfed version).
Now have to go grab those pierce chance nodes...
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