How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Been after one of these for a while:

found this bad boy, hoping to 6l this soon

Just did the ugliest Atziri run on my Summoner I used 4 portals my spectres kept dying and I had to leave to re-summon them in my hideout. THe trio almost got me, Atziri almost got me but I got the
Atziris Promise for my Champion Cycloner.

lol I was shaking. I had to change belts bc I didn´t have enough dex for my desecrate.
My other desecrate only summons lvl 53 corpses. The one I used to summon my spectres can do lvl 73 corpses. So I had to switch belts, resummon, do all kinds of dumb shit.

Alai´s rain of arrow hit me, man everything hit me basically. It´s a miracle that I´m alive.

The only thing that went smooth were the Vaals. I somehow managed to kill them at the same time.
All I know is that I´m not going back in there for a while.
2 xoph-breaches....
first gave me _nothing_ , didnt even know this was possible.
second gives me a sole blessing.


also found one

dont know if i should feel lucky or both these items are rather useless on their own...

also vendored my six-link armor
PaoloPinkel wrote:

must have mistaken it for random 6 socket item when clearing up stash after labs....Q_Q
Oh, sweet Tora...

Was also randomly linking stuff in hopes something will 6L, before it 5Ls... nope
When night falls
She cloaks the world
In impenetrable darkness
I swore not to do a totem build this league, but then this happened...

Got on a prophecy,seem to take a while to get as the enemy was just not spawning in the appropriate maps.

I am yet unsure wether to replace my wand
and shield as while I can see a big jump in DPS (even 5 linked) I lose resists,block,Energy shield and lowered chance for enemies to explode.The roll is pretty bad though so divined it might give significant enough DPS increase,offence being the best form of defence(if you kill before enemies have chance to hit).Also could use it on weapon swap,Blade vortex seems much better(Even 4L does better than 5L) for tough bosses and Red Beasts than Ethereal knives which is better for clearing trash mobs

I am playing unusual for me by sticking to a build for longer before starting another.

I have this but finding I keep thinking about a melee build,don't have any ideas for trap that I haven't done before.

I gave up on the league finally once I hit 24 challenges without particularly chasing them; two crab bosses killed, and I haven't seen hide or hair of others, probably ~100 hours /played, 120 deaths (70 on my level 75 CI Death's Oath occultist which I definitely won't do again in a SSF league, and 50 on my level 91 MoM GC Hierophant). Most deaths on hiero were in leveling phase, but the occultist kept dying constantly in maps and was horrible to level to boot.

This feels too much like standard for me to push to 36 challenges,and I am not sure if I got anything useful out of bestiary stuff (except the boosted drops during the last week from yellows, which were nice). Once that patch hit there was hardly any alch shortage although map progress was abysmal for me this time around - around 100 distinct maps found total and I think my completion is bit below 100 (couldn't bother to do some unique and/or suicidal alch+vaaled red maps)).

Notable gear (for me at any rate):

Most happy thing for me is that I managed to do the offocoloring for death's oath (final red gemslot missing as I ran out of jewelers before my motivation for league ran out :->).

Shitload of nice-ish tanky or shooty stuff that I didn't get to try (two builds is more than enough for me in a league); as usual, I have couple of tabs full of assorted uniques that I kept around for random reasons, just random sample:

Funnily enough I got also
but I was too comfort-driven to bother switching to it, up to T14 melted fast enough with the shroud and never saw T15 map.

2 claws in 4 chimera runs - lucky
5 divines and not a single 15% aps - unlucky

found an exalt in Tul's Domain - lucky
didn`t drop blessing after i spent 3 days with 99 splinters and this
- unlucky

also what`s up with the Esh breaches? I swear 4 out of 5 are fkn Esh

But a lot of league specifics that made bestiary nice

I would KILL for a imprint for magic item recipe

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