How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

I feel like SSF makes drops feel more "special". But at the same time I really enjoy grouping with some people and running maps!
Manocean wrote:
I feel like SSF makes drops feel more "special". But at the same time I really enjoy grouping with some people and running maps!

I never had a good time doing that. It always turned into me being left behind to pick up loot in their wake.
It's incredible ! level 82 opening 14 map today and numerous dried lake, nothing ! 0 unique remotely usefull... always on 4 l of course, never been so unlucky !! it's mad and i must admit that my motivation slowly fade away...
... nothing

Found that from Cruel Voll and decided it was time to reroll. Never actually had one before but it looked like fun during the previous league when everyone was running one. Had 5 sockets a few times but holding out for 6. Four levels until I can use it tonight!
At last i hited 92 first time in my poe history. Now i can run t 14 maps and try not to die ;D becouse still i have like 4 k hp.
Im trying to 6 link my axe wasted like 300 fusings on it and no profit for now.
I try to farm Steel Ring... and i cant find any the same whit Marble Amulet.
But i have the Farming Combo thats make anything happen

Like 2x Radiant Tempest one 40% quantity tempest / duble brech 25 % density / and Beyond whit quantity/ Rarity.

But breaches at higer level sucks becouse i lag in them i need to get better cpu.

I cant find Abathox... ye i dont like him

and i found the ring to rule them all

As i use warchief Totem builid can someone tell me ar those 2 items i use ar good for it?

I see black temples loom against the night
With tentacles like serpents writhed afar
And waving in a dusky dragon light
Great moths whose wings unholy tapers char.
~ Robert E. Howard ~

Probably gonna start my last and third char i was planning for this SSF league, raider flicker strike.

Gonna use those for it now, until i find a more suitable weapon, but there is something appealing about flicker striking with a marohi. Can you unarmed flicker strike btw, i think not but i will test it for shits and giggles :D

Then i will have my three projected chars for this league's duration.

Sparker trickster(set-up to transfer over to Nova EK if i ever find the jewel, one insanity essence farmed to roll the amulet mod, or if i find a terminus est to flicker/mom style)
Animate weapon necro farmer (praying for dream dagger while encountering chayula breaches, but doesn't need much to run)
Flicker strike raider(because that's just pure fun going zap zap)

Three chars that i can rotate between and feed gear from one another to.


Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes
It was fun for a whille but there was no way to exchange exakts so i retired
Nice... 2nd Hege I loot :)
Might rework my Warchief guy now for crit, but got only 25 regrets so far.

Also, not a bad chest. Id slap an ex on it, if it had prefix space:
When night falls
She cloaks the world
In impenetrable darkness

Chanced my first one. Now i just need a second or a doon cubayani for the build to get going. Wouldnt complain about a emberwake or the zombie helmet either. (so, in other words i have like 1/10th of the build ready, go me!)

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