How is ssf going for u guys/girls? ^^

Reizoko wrote:
Is there any way to farm for a specific threshold jewel? I'm looking for Wildfire, not sure if it's worth trying to chance and scour a Crimson Jewel until I get it considering there are a lot of unique Crimson Jewels.

I advise against going for a build that needs a specific jewel.

As you noted, it is ridiculously expensive to chance them (5 chances per try, if you buy your scourings) and there are a *lot* of uniques that can come from a single jewel base.

If you have to farm for them, you can try to get

In the chamber of sins level one or the overgrown shrine/ruins map.

But the droprate is infrequent and there are easily more than a hundred jewels you'll draw from for each set.

I'd personally just make a few generic builds first, or roll something you have the gear for. You can work towards specific gear while playing those other builds, and wont be limited in potential.
Thanks for the replies.

I'm doing fine without the jewel but it would be a nice addition to my build. Was just wondering if there's a way to get specific threshold jewels, but seems there isn't. No big deal, I'll get the jewel eventually if I just keep playing :)
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Just did Putrid Cloister for first time. Was much harder than expected even though I used these:

Stage one wasnt too bad. Stage 2 was difficult. Took serious damage several times. Boss dropped last card for 'Earth Drinker' so I got this:

Stage 3 wasnt so bad though. I switched to Bladefall Totem - used AWC before which didnt work out very well. And the terrain was better for me too.
No wonder it's lost, it's in the middle of the jungle!

The very first time this has ever dropped for me in any league.
Rolling a new Witch just because.
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Hit 90 last night and farming mid red maps. Think SSF is way I'm playing for now on.

This is pissing me off though. 5L so many things. never 6L :( I actually 5L that staff 5 times trying for 6L. Blew like 800 fuse on it. If you know me I always bought every 6L I ever owned in the trade game cause I hate RNG like this. Drops are fine but RNG linking....
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I DESPERATELY want some Frozen Trails for my Vortex spammer, but I'm not relying on getting them.

I would totally give it to you.. but you know.. SSF. FeelsBadMan
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I DESPERATELY want some Frozen Trails for my Vortex spammer, but I'm not relying on getting them.
Ill trade you (oh wait....) my frozen trails for your two fight for survivals. I have two of most threshold jewels that have a max of 2, EXCEPT I dont have any of frostblades lol

So uh, interesting story: I always wanted to build a trapper, never got around to it until now. IN the game's current state, trappers have 2 options; Go saboteur and take chain reaction, or get a sunblast (and preferably a couple of Cheap Construction gems). There is no point in doing both, it's one or the other, so if you take sunblast then you're better off speccing into assassin or something instead.

This being SSF and me having not yet found a sunblast, I figured I'd level until end of Cruel, and go do both labs up to that point, going saboteur unless I found a sunblast before lab, in which case I'd go Assassin.

As I've already documented here, I've been having a seriously hard time with lab, losing most of my chars this league to it, and my combination of having a full time job and being shit at this game means rolling new chars and leveling them to end of cruel isn't quite as trivial for me as it is for many of you.

I think you can probably already see where this is going, but in case you need me to finish the story; I survived normal and cruel labs, went saboteur, then went to dried lake to test it out and see what a difference chain reaction made. This then dropped from the first trash mob I came across:

Personally, I blame the illuminati, but that's just me.

I now have 2 choices; The first is to carry on trapping, pretend the Sunblast didn't happen, and save it for my next trapper. The other option is to just respec chain reaction to Demolitions Specialist instead, use this build to try out mines, then use the Sublast to try traps again when I inevitably die. Probably going with the first option but we'll see.

Edit: I'd just like to point out that this is what makes SSF beautiful. All my plans, hinging discovery of an item that sells for a single chaos in non-SSF. If I'd found a sunblast in any other league, I would have just considered it another trash drop, yet SSF has turned it into a drop I will never forget.

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I had a big break crafting this 6S drop today. It's good enough 5L for now since I don't have a backup weapon or enough currency to try and 6L it. I consider this very lucky since I have the worst RNG in crafting and usually rely heavily on for key items like it. Also, with only three trials found so far, I doubt I'll ever fully ascend this league.
MonstaMunch wrote:

Dont you need some other source of duration reduction as well?
No wonder it's lost, it's in the middle of the jungle!

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