💯 Harvest Carry service - Encounter III + V / / Uber elder / Sirus / Oshabi / Belt Enchant 💯

Hello. I do boss carry every league I play. These are my current FEEs for Delirium's carry. If you are not interested in boss loots, I can do the carry for free

Mastermind 40 Chaos

Uber Atziri- 40 Chaos

Uber Elder- 40 Chaos

Sirus (any level) 50 Chaos

Oshabi w/ Conditions 80c per conditional challenge. Your boss

Encounter III + V Challenges 100c per map challenge.

Harvest Lab runs - 100c + your offering

Belt Enchanment 5 ex. You provide offerings and/or prophecy

IGN: Nautica

I can stream on request through discord

IRL stuff
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Finished my almost failed Uber set with 1 portal left. Fast and reliable
'Should be an easy map....' -Famous last words
professional service would vouch 4 him.
Man helped me to finish my shitty Shaper run where I failed 4 portals and left Zana dead. Had the flask drop and charged only 1ex, as stated. Reliable.
fast n quick clean kill from bro _Cospri

will do again for sure when i have the keys
Provided me with quick and simple service as explained in his service explanation. I will be contacting him for any further assistance I require, be it in this league or another.
Very good service, saved my uber run and dropped an axe! +1
Very good service and friendly! Did my shaper set, Would use again!
I thought I had it. I didn't.

He saved my Uber Atziri run, thanks!
+ rep

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