💯 Harvest Carry service - Encounter III + V / / Uber elder / Sirus / Oshabi / Belt Enchant 💯

Shaper and Uber Atziri service. Nice player, calm and professional. Rep++
Great runs. Helped me with Shaper and Uber A. Fast and fair great deal with loot as well.
++ I recomend
Great service for two leagues running now. A+
No scamerino. Quick and friendly.
Great and relaible service, killed atziri for me when I fucked up and only had one portal left. You can count on this guy to destroy her lol. Thank you again for the kill even tho drop was rip.
Fast, reliable. Carry Uber for me and anohter 3 random, carry shaper (drop flask), all good. Thanks!
Last edited by SolarOne on Oct 21, 2017, 7:38:57 AM
Very nice run i did'nt see nothing but was fast :)) , just Challange done and drops - He is FairPlay man
Helped me with Uber Atziri. Had 1 portal left, killed it smooth and I got the challenge complete.

Thanks again! ;)

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