💯 Harvest Carry service - Encounter III + V / / Uber elder / Sirus / Oshabi / Belt Enchant 💯

+1 did cortex and cortex 2 123&5 as planned with real dangerous mods + AoE
He did Cortex 1 and 2 #1,2,3,5. Was quick and had no issues
Got my Cortex 2 challenge done. Thanks Dude
Quick and save Cortex challange #1,2,3,5. every time again.
Completed cortex challenge as advertised. Recommended.
Offered refund when someone messed up a run, PM'd for next run within 15 mins. Completed challenge quickly.

Very good service.
I'm very new to this game as this is my first league and I was pretty wary giving up my first and only 3 exalts for the cortex challenges.

He completed the challenge quickly and was very clear with instructions.

I highly recommend this Exile's services and thank you once again for your help!
Great and fast service, clear instructions! OP killed my Cortex boss memory for league challenges (Cortex I and Cortex II 1/2/3/5).
Easy carry mastermind skeletons challenge for us,very fast and friendly
Hardcore League

IGN: Rilict or jestlolk

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