💯 Heist service - HOGM + Encounter III + V / Heist Boss + Twins Conditions / Endgame Boss💯

Bought cortex challenges, great fast service, clear instructions, 10/10 would recommend!
great service :) really fast and trusty guy !!! 10/10 i would recommend
Friendly, fast, clear instructions and professional. Would do again :).
Ran my cortex II #4 challenge w/ 100% inc aoe. Got back to me on disc and made it easy.
Ran my Cortex for me. Easy and fast reliable service.
Very friendly :)
Super fast Cortex challenges, great service
just helped me with cortex and gave me the flask, great servie and clear instructions! i vouch for this man.
Did my Cortex II 1,2,4,5 -- was quick and easy!
did my uber elder, fast and reliable
Helped with Cortex 1 hour before the league ended, got me the flask. Fast and reliable, great service!

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