💯 Heist service - HOGM + Encounter III + V / Heist Boss + Twins Conditions / Endgame Boss💯

Very good service after i messed up all.
This guy is the best booster I've ever come across, he's been my personal boss killer this league. +rep x10
done my sirus al8 flawless with challenge. thanks man!
1st time used his service and he got me my 2nd most expensive drop ever.
He seems to be both trustable, fast AND LUCKY!
Will use his service again for sure.
Fast and friendly! Sirus conditional challenges done in no time at all. Would use his service again

cool man!
ez chall
Just helped with my first Sirus 8 very fast and friendly. Got some nice drops to thanks again.
Carried me for Sirus conditions 2,3,4. I'll definitely be using Ayvi in the future


Did the second Sirius conditional for me, no hassle.
Would recommend.

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