💯 Harvest Carry service - Encounter III + V / / Uber elder / Sirus / Oshabi / Belt Enchant 💯

Did the Uber Elder for me. Died only one time due to a 10sec lag spike but all in all very reliable.

Also nice to chat with and gave me a link to the new league trailer before its even listed ^^

Would use the service again ^^
GGG refuses to buff Melee and gives every surivability tool to Spell/Ranged/Minion Builds because they dont play the game or at least melee themself.
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-The Truth
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Killed my A8 Sirus ! Will recommend ! +1
Did my A5 sirus, quick and professional, gave instructions too! would use again
Ayvi wrote:

Sirus (awakener) Doing carry for free right now. I can do conditional sirus challenge. 1ex per subchallenge

Hi dude, i need Sirus 2,4 conditional u still do it? Pls pm me when i can catch u online=).
Great service. Fast and polite.
Great service :) Quick and polite!
Honest and diligent!

Would rely on him again

killed sirus and got this loot
Fast and reliable service. Would use him again.
Fantastic Service! Highly recommend! Will definitely keep in mind for Delirium!
Hi Ayvi;

I'm interested in the carry for Sirus (not affected by desolation) as well as Uber Elder.


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