💯 Harvest Carry service - Encounter III + V / / Uber elder / Sirus / Oshabi / Belt Enchant 💯

All good in the hood, fast to get in, ast to get out :)
(service was A6)
Last edited by DaLaeck on Jul 14, 2020, 3:55:34 PM
Very fast and good
Fast and efficient, helped me back in Incursion and now took his service again!
Quick, painless, professional carry for no hit Shaper challenge
Fast service, no hit shaper challenge complete. Thank you!
Did A7 with ease. TY
Godly Service!

He did three things for me:

- Uber Elder
- Simulacrum
- Waste Pool Map Challenge!!!

A big thanks!!!
Fast service, perfect
fast uber elder carry :)

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