💯 Harvest Carry service - Encounter III + V / / Uber elder / Sirus / Oshabi / Belt Enchant 💯

Just bought 2 shaper carries! Legit and fast. Really nice at the same time!

Thanks man!
Thank you very much! He provided me with an excellent Uber Lab carry, and was patient enough to fill me in on the details of being carried after I made a mistake. I would absolutely use Ayvi's services again should the need arise.
thanks for the uber atziri help! 2 Portals left, would've bricked it without him!
Topnotch service, 2 shapers down.
Awesome run, got to keep the vertex. was patient and streamed when I requested. 10/10 would use again.
Effortless Uber Atziri kill. Got an acuity drop from their run!
Ran the Shaper set, got the kill no problem, would recommend.
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"The right man in the wrong place can make all difference in the world"

Got my challenge done, very quick, very safe procedure. Will use again if I have difficulty with a challenge next league, thank you :)
Fast uber lab, thx mate
No regrets :>

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