[2.6 - LSC] Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Raider - T16 Guardians & Shaper Viable

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After playing the "low budget" version in breach league, i wanted to min/max it in legacy league.
(but without a HH, because tests shows thats too much for my pc with double beyond in a breach)

My Version of the Build with focus on:
- high run & cyclone movement speed (i want the smallest possible difference between run and cyclone speed) (atm 94% speed while cyclone, 103% with vaal haste)
- high cyclone damage, so that normal enemies die before molten burst hit the ground (makes looting a little bit easier, because its drop less often offscreen)
- life is not so important, but 5,2k should be the minimum

Talent Tree


Tooltip DPS:


Molten Burst


Molten Burst:

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Meh wouldn't recommend because cyclone is stupid for clearing and it's not tanky enough to do guardians/uber/shaper etc.. works pretty well for destroying breaches i guess
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Would you use Immolate in 3.0 over something in your links?

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