Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

Really like the spectre thing. Not 100% sure the damage is required while severed in sleep is accessible. Guardian things would be cute. (And maybe name it something that is not an ascendency class. That actually fairly often uses the gem.)
As an aura necro I never had issues with casting my offerings in front of me (stupid castspeed is stuipd)
SSF guardians are a real pain. The items you use are super cheap but it means nothing if you do not drop the right junk uniques. The guardian dropping his items would be cute (having to use a threshold gem is ok. Having to use rares not so much. That kills the fun of building a silly robot). Never understood why the animate spells actually destroyed the items in the first place. Guardian shows that they are stored and can be recovered. Looks to me like an leftover from the D2 iron golem.
There would be some ways to still lose the items involving the summoner and the guardian getting killed on the last portal. Currently the SSF guardians are not even close to normal guardians. (I dropped 2 victario boots and it was amzing until big bad beyond guy murdered everything. Taking the movment speed out of haste was adorable btw. The boots do not scale with aura effect but it makes haste less mandatory.)
Monster performance would be amazing in general. Aura necro + summoner necro crashes pretty much anything. (flame sentinals + a crazy amount of castspeed fries anything)

On a less minion more aura note. Could we maybe get a little bit extra aura radius. While before you hit the everything in range too early you now never hit it what feels even worse. Currently working on a not SSF guardian to double check but it felt awfull in SSF. Now people might argue that auras are not the central part of SSF but the minions bound to me not being in range of my auras feels really really bad because 90% of the damage comes from the auras for me. Not sure how the ratio is for other necros. Gives you another reason than belt of the deciever to go into melee range I guess.
Sorry for the long post. In the unlikely event of a short post. There sure is something I should feel sorry about anyway.
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I ran a summoner last league and damage was never the problem. Sure more damage is nice. But survivability was the real issue. I ran a dominating blow, summon skeletons, summon specter, a flame golem, and vaal summon skeletons as well as a decree of war which gave me loads of overall minions. So many the screen would chug when everything was summoned... for a few seconds.

Bosses and especially breaches would clean fucking house in a matter of seconds. And because Breach monsters were treated as unique monsters Dominating blow would not replenish my supply of minions (and as many bosses have no minions to convert the same happened with them). So in a matter of moments I was left completely alone, in a Breach or boss fight, hoping I could do enough damage to refill Vaal Summon Skeletons before I got taken out myself.

I made it to the high level 80's before the league ended and as it was my first league I did ok and I enjoyed it. But if I had to do it over again I would not have played a summoner primarily because of that bullshit Dominating Blow not working on breach monsters. But even that could have been mitigated if the damn minions had a bunch more life/resistance/defense. They are far too squishy with the Skeleton general really being the only one that tended to make it through a tough fight. And even he only made it through one out of five or so. And he NEVER survived a Breach.

So in short, damage is nice. But that won't really help minion builds become more viable. I'd rather have them do less damage and stick around longer in a fight than do what GGG is proposing here.
so skeletons are still slow as shit and woN't be used, and you can summon more skele mages that wont benefit from hte same gems, AND on top of that, because the skill summons 1 skeleton and the helm enchant is removed, hearthbound loop CWDT autocaster builds are dead. wery well done.
The buff to Skeleton Warriors are really good and also what needed, but still, it will remain a seriously inferior skill for clearing. At least now everyone will be able to kill Lab Izaro without nolife gear investment (in HC) with this buff. That is all about this buff, nothing less nothing more.
With investment in uniques and passives, a player should be able to reach around 15 skeletons

Won't having 15 arms weapons pretty busted?
alhazred70 wrote:
bwam wrote:
Great, now CwDT with Summon Skeletons is STILL going to suck.

fixed this for you

In all seriousness being more powerful and attacking quicker may very well make this a better use of them considering they are otherwise pretty useless the tradeoff is probably a net positive.

Listen, noob: don't add words to quotes attributed to other people.

CwDT + Summon Skeletons is a great way of generating extra targets to distract enemies. And now it's going to suck.
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I can see what you guys are wanting to do with minions. but honestly. I've played a summoner for the full life of PoE so far. this is not needed. Current minions can already do all content. if they die, just use desecrate; problem solved. Honestly. if any thing needs a re-work, Its Golems. The market price of the golem jewels is quite outlandish for some one new to the game. they are WAY too rare in drops, if they were more common like other threshold jewels more plays would actually be able to play this awesome build with out spending more then 10 exalted orbs on just jewels alone to get the build functional. I've wanted to play a Golem Minion master build ever sence golems came out but currently, its just too expensive for non-streamer/grinding no life players.

Thank you for your time ggg and i see a lot of generally bad responces to your post, but its because we feel as tho we dont need them. Skeletons, for me are like static strike, you use it for 30 levels while in normal to act 4 cruel, then you drop them for an animate weapon totem 4 link, it just works better this way. skeletons are great for leveling and i feel as tho they work just find currently as minion fauder for just getting into maps, but they have no place in high tier reds; there just bones and swords; nothing else.

Best wishes as always GGG we love your game, but could we focus a little bit more on trade improvements and build diversity? love you~

Brandon M.

Persistent Spectres. Praised be Tukohama.
A build that only has might is not mighty.
Hmm animate guardian need some love! Like agression jewel!
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Plz improve zombie AI or make the threshold gem to improve AI like the golems

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