Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

I knew there was a good reason I kept putting off playing a minion build. Changes seem good. Anyone who regularly plays minions, can you give some context on these changes? Are minions really this underpowered that they need buffs on this scale? (I know skeletons are). Does more damage even help? I though minion builds clear speeds were more a function of minion move speed, attack speed, and AI limitations. I see spectres can get more move speed, but what about the other minions, and are there any plans to give zombies/spectres/skeletons the ability to be 'aggressive' like that one golem jewel?
I don't get the point of these changes.. they seem.. not what the community wanted exactly?
Why not make spectre damage based on gem level instead of corpse level? you know, like all the other skills. Also why not remove the speed cap altogether?
As someone playing a ton of summoners lately, very interested in reading this. Will update post.
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As one of the few people who plays a blink arrow/mirror arrow summoner I'm a bit sad to see that this skill has not been mentioned at all in the manifesto. Do you have any plans to buff/balance this skill? It seems to always be forgotten with all of these changes to minions.
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I don't know how to feel about skeletons numbers Nerf.They lose their identity of many-in-numbers-but-stupid-to-perform,in masses.

Will feel...awkward,I am sure of it.I don't see the reason using them over SRS,at least in my mind.

Also rip vaal skeletons?

Let's wait and see.
Bye bye desync!
Golems? Animate Weapon? Animate Guardian?

Interesting skeleton changes. I hope they move faster as well.
Skeletons getting some substantial changes. Hopefully it's enough to make them usable.

Also hopefully addresses the dead reckoning bug where warriors are summonen even though the player is able to summon equally as many mages as warriors.
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The vague and scarce amount of info given on spectres isnt exactly encouraging.

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