Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

@Pericles How is it a nerf for the summoner? Wtf?
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Spectres should be more like pokemon, you should have a Bill's PC to store them in and be able to resummon your favorite minion whenever you want without having to go find it in the wild, each spectre you catch should be retained at the highest level you've ever caught it.
Is.... this a joke?

We've been complaining about minions for years. In fact, we've been saying, for the most part, the same thing for years.

Zombies are practically a worthless investment. Granted they can spawn from nearly any corpse (except themselves), they're plagued by dozens of problems. We have no idea what their stats are, their AI is ridiculously stupid as opposed to unreasonably aggressive like it was before the nerf (Yes, it was a nerf). Their numbers count for nearly nothing because even in endgame content, the most reliable role they can fulfill is meatshielding.

As for skeletons, most of those weren't even problems. No one's summoning skeletons for DPS. Vaal Skeles is really the only source of skeletons you'll find on most summoners since our other 20 slots are reserved for other gems and utility spells. Half of those utility spells should be innate to the fucking summoner. Oh boy, now my skeletons do a lot more damage. Let me stand still for 4+ seconds while I summon them.
No. This is a worthless "fix". Skeletons were only good for meatshielding/zerging/distractions before now. This fix won't suddenly bring them into the spotlight.

As for spectres, making them persist after logout wouldn't be a big deal if you had read the mountains of feedback that suggested a saved spectre template.

The only worthwhile line in that hock of shit was the spectre movement speed increase. That's it.
If you're reading this, I'm probably on another year-long ban.
Thanks GGG.
With the recent Montregul's buff + this, my suiciding zombies witch is going to blow up everything even more ....
Instant kill bosses inc.
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

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darko99 wrote:

srs is a joke, zombies skeletons and spectres dont even taunt enemies, and insta die, mobs ignore all 7zomb + 2spe + 11skel and run straight to me.

Actually, srs and animate weapon still the only viable summoner skills this days and for what I see on 3.0 as well, since GGG isn't fixing shit here.

Animate guardian, raised zombies, spectres, skeletos, they keep bad as always just cause of retarded AI, they do not taunt, they do not automatically attack the enemy, they just run away to anywhere like retard and let you behind to die. Crap.

GGG want fix this skills but they don't know how, also for some reason they can't listen to us. Maybe is too hard to make zombies/skeletos be more agressive, taunt enemys and automatically attack any mob that pops on the screen... but for some reason they did it on srs/animate weapon and golems.

I'm confused.
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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Metamorphic wrote:
Spectres should be more like pokemon, you should have a Bill's PC to store them in and be able to resummon your favorite minion whenever you want without having to go find it in the wild, each spectre you catch should be retained at the highest level you've ever caught it.

I love this idea, but let's make it simpler to implement.(As this requires GGG to make an interface.) Maybe Raise Spectre could give you two skills. One to capture a corpse and one to raise from a stored corpse. You could tie the corpse to the gem so if you wanted multiple different spectres for some reason you can carry an extra gem with a different corpse in it.
I literally just started playing this game because it's finally evolved to a point where I can sit down and really get a great D2 Vibe out of it.

Thank goodness I was just complaining to my girlfriend the other day how you guys actually let me have minions and how I hated actually having minions and I preferred to have let's say, a Diablo 3 amount of minions. So let's keep it at 3. I feel like the threshold for player happiness vs performance should probably not focus on let's say....My favorite experience in the game. Having minions. You know the one thing that makes minion play in your game different from other Diablo-esque games.

So now there's no crossbows, No spears (my all-time personal favorite), and my first baby in this game, is getting murdered. I'm so irritated right now that I have to literally tell my girlfriend she just remade her character and spent about 50 hours playing it just to have it butchered before we could really get into this game. lol. That's so lame.

Fix your code instead of butchering your gameplay. This IS the lazy way out.

Let me point out, my computer, is 10 years old (almost). 2.4ghz quad core with 3GB of ram. That's right fellows, still kicking 3GB of RAM. My graphics card is a GeForce 610. A 40$ card. Now I'm a little confused what performance issues we're on about. Aside from some somewhat questionable A.I. patterns during combat.
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Please get rid of the Spectre de-leveling with zone thing.

It's a pointless handicap for summoners that can really screw them over and waste their time.
If you want to improve zombies start with the AI (maybe add an aggressive mod to the the threshold jewel similar to what golemancers have). The second improvement needs to be to their defenses. They either need some form of AoE damage reduction to compensate for the near impossibility of repositioning them effectively to avoid AoE boss skills, or a vastly increased hp pool.
I am a big fan of Summoner builds and I really like the sound of some of the updates. However please can you improve the AI of zombies significantly.

The amount of times I will stand near a rare or boss and the zombies do not either attack, or are focusing on some white trash at the other end of my screen.
I appreciate they now follow you spells which is helpful, however I STILL find that for some reason my zombies will stop attacking completely when their target starts to walk away from them.

Could you consider adding a jewel similar to Primordial Might and increase the speed or aggression significantly of the zombies? There is nothing more frustrating then your zombies stopping attacking for no apparent reason, it destroys my motivation to play a summoner.

A great step in the right direction though GGG!

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