Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

Sorry english is not my main language, all fault belong to google translate.

I'm not sure about this... don't change the damage or life of the minions.
Skeleton, zombie and spectre can already kill shaper and guardian.

Sure it never was the OP fast clearing meta build of the game. But we play a summoner for the gameplay not the clear speed (and for all kind of game, is the same pro/con)

Just fix the AI and keep adding some unique-items for minions ;) and leave the rest like it was.
Ouch. This seems pretty stupid.

Less minions overall = less defense for the summoner. KEEP THE SAME NUMBER OF MINIONS, but lessen the animation on them. (HINT: they don't need to bleed 24/7). There is already a problem with the monster IA focusing on you instead of the summons. Agro needs to be on the minions far more than the caster. What's the point of having an army if they are ignored? Less minions = far more likely you die. More damage done by zombie would be welcome. Sad they can't really kill many enemies.

And with the changes, it makes the skeletons far more WORTHLESS even tied to a spell totem. Suicide without that totem, far too long to summon.

But the worse part if the lack of life nodes/points for life based characters. (Using raging spirit the best passive tree paths would be with life). Life builds need some love.
Can we have some battle summoner passives for Summoner Ascendancy. I hate how all the good build-defining stuff are bound to hard-2-get uniques like The Scourge.
Could we get the damage values for the other summons as well please, it would help some of us min-max for AOE or Single target builds as well.
Really hope you'll add new zombie threshold jewel which will make them AGRESSIVE like golems or srs, this will fix all behavior issues they have.
P.S.: as a summoner this thread made my day, especially the part about spectres, very excited about upcoming update.
P.P.S: Big Thanks to GGG Team.
The biggest problem with minion builds in general is minion AI. I don't see that being addressed.
Any new about Animated Guardian? Anyway to make him decent?
I like the idea of each minion having their role, and always saw SRS with their high move speed as cavalry, specters with their versatility as artillery and support, zombies as shock troops, and skeletons actually being the tanks.

Seems like GGG is being tight lipped on the threshold jewels they mentioned are being reworked. So here's hoping for something interesting and thematic for the skeletons like a 2 limit threshold jewel for 33% change to taunt on hit and 40% chance to re-spawn on death. Combined with their newly listed increased block chance and maybe some more movement speed (please?), they could prove to be a better distraction without rehashing the same effect of primordial might on zombies. I wouldn't mind still having to micromanage the zombies since it affords the opportunity to pull them back if needed so long as the skeletons continue to hold the line.
Need more info and stats about damage values for all summons and real DPS with all gems included.
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As someone who only plays summoners, more damage is nice but changes don't address the problems. Happy to hear you're thinking about summoners but please make sure you're focusing on the real issues rather than 'damage'.

Kunaak wrote:
The vague and scarce amount of info given on spectres isnt exactly encouraging.


gandhar0 wrote:
Interesting skeleton changes. I hope they move faster as well.

I'd hope so too, dmg buffs aren't enough to compensate for having to run a minion speed in skele builds... and queen's decree (or w/e the upgrade is called) is a 'no thanks' option in a HC build tbh.

tnemrot wrote:
Why not make spectre damage based on gem level instead of corpse level? you know, like all the other skills.

This x 1000. I no longer make builds with spectres until the following:

1 - Make it based on gem level as above, rather than trying to roll your spectres in a maps
2 - Make spectre damage consistent. If I need to do a normal lab run at lvl 80, I shouldn't need to worry about my spectres dying because they're now lvl 30. Definitely shouldn't be penalised in dmg for going to a lower area either...
3 - More actual spectre options... which would be easier if dmg/life was based on gem level, people would get more creative.
4 - Guess you're already working on the persistence through log out aspect

Enjoyed making a build this league that didn't need any spectres as it was a breath of fresh air, but it would certainly be nicer if spectres we're also nice to play.

Just my 2 cents on summoner problems, happy to continue to support if it seems like you're headed in the right direction, so will wait for more info about the beta changes!

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